• I ignored the host of bad reviews and was taken in by the recommendations of some plugin sites (who perhaps get fees?).

    This plugin created so many errors, it was difficult to keep the site admin online long enough to attempt the configuration. Those configuration instructions incidentally, you’ll need to locate yourself. For something so unfriendly to the normal WordPress environment, I’d think an installation or onboarding script would guide you through your first steps, but no.

    This installation actually drops 3 plugins on your site. It’s something you don’t get to find out until you’ve created a profile and it’s actually happening in the background.

    When it came time to give up on this software, uninstalling was even worse. One of the three plugins installed, “Ignitiondeck Crowdfunding,” refused to be uninstalled. It ultimately required manually renaming the plugin’s directory. It then removed successfully, although such a buggy removal leaves me wondering what remnants were left behind. Database has been cleaned up now too, but I’m still left wondering what all the software may have left.

    Unless you’re the adventurous type and comfortable making file level changes on your server, I’d recommend avoiding this plugin.

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  • Plugin Author ignitionwp


    Hi @newhopeyouth, thanks for your feedback.

    It’s true that our plugin’s current design is geared toward developers and people who are very comfortable with WordPress. For everyone else, we provide a set up service to get your crowdfunding platform up and running if you need help.

    Some of the configuration steps are a little confusing and there’s a ton of room for improvement, and we’re working hard to make it more approachable for the general WordPress audience.

    We’ll circle back internally on your uninstalling issue since that has not been a problem before. Thank you for the feedback, and good luck with your crowdfunding business.

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