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  • I’ve used this plugin for 2 clients and its only brought nothing but confusion and problems. Breaks the site. This needs more testing or better instructions.

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    Sorry you feel that way @thebirdbath, but the owners of over 500.000 active installations seem to feel differently ๐Ÿ˜‰

    But seriously, regarding “better instructions”, have you seen the FAQ? I don’t think there’s a lot of plugins out there with that much instructions. And the support on the support forum here is not to bad either (if I may say so myself).

    Anyways, feel free to ping me in a support topic if ever you want to re-visit, I’ll be happy to guide you!

    have a nice day,

    @thebirdbath I’ll say that there is definitely a learning curve especially when you are not used to the plugin but from a optimizing plugin, this is by far the best that I have ever come across. The admin Frank is lightning fast answering support questions and it just works. My site went from a 43/64 to a 100/100 in no time. Perhaps you ought to try it again and ask questions. The 1 star review certainly isn’t warranted. Just my non affiliated 2 cents.

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    I followed the instructions from this website. Again, 2 different clients and both crashed. I tried to see if anything was different from the plugin site. Nothing stood out. When I enabled it, it crashed.

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    I don’t see a way to delete the review and I’m happy to see the support and fan boys. I would really like to get my client site to 100/100 I’ll post in support and then come back and edit my review if we can get this fixed.

    So which part broke your site? Turn them on one by one, save, clear cache and check. If one breaks something on the site, turn it off, save and clear cache again. Problem solved. I’ll also add that the article is over a year old and it is not official from the plugin author. You would have been better off asking questions here;

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    @sdawales, @tonyzeoli, The 1 star rating was not unwarranted. Reviews are here to express people’s experiences with the plugin and in this case someone had a poor experience.

    It is right that a support topic should have been opened first, to prevent user frustration. But not for the purpose of preventing a 1 star rating.

    If you need clarification on our review process or have disagreements, please create a thread on the ‘Everything else’ forum:

    I understand you’re both trying to help, but at the same time the person who wrote this review may seem ganged up on.

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    @thebirdbath, Please feel free to rate anything 1 star if you have a poor experience.

    In this case it looks like your issue was resolved. Without pressure or guilt and in your own time, you can decide to update your rating here:

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    @anevins; problem was not solved, OP was being somewhat sarcastic ๐Ÿ™‚

    but he opened a support topic and confirmed he’ll update the rating if we can fix the issue, so all is good.

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    Hello! I’m closing this review and adding a note.

    It is perfectly fine to leave a 1 star review. That’s allowed and comments about how the reviews should have acted really are not pertinent to this review.

    A user left a review. The author replied. The World Moved In a Harmonious Direction™

    How do I know that? Here’s what the author stated.

    but he opened a support topic and confirmed heโ€™ll update the rating if we can fix the issue, so all is good.

    That’s where this topic should be. The reviewer can always comeback and update the review using this link.

    And I hope after the support topic is sorted out that the review will get updated.

    But the reviews here really are not for criticizing the reviewer or the quality of the review left. That does not add any value to the review and that is why I archived those replies and I am closing this review.

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