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  • I have a category of historic posts that I bulk enter every so often but carefully edit the timestamp to reflect the actual time of an event described in the post. I was just entering the latest lot when I noticed the older entries have all had their dates screwed up!

    Fortunately I have the original (correct) date & time in the post title for all of them so I haven’t actually lost that data.

    I do have some posts, mind you, that were forward dated at the time of writing and now will not reflect when the public got their first glimpse.

    I *assume* it was the 2.05 upgrade that did it because I know they were fine when I looked a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t done anything but play with stylesheets since then – and upgrade to 2.05.

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  • Err, I published too soon! I’ve checked a Google Cache copy of the page while it was still on 2.04 and the entries concerned were incorrect then. I swear they were correct not long before that. No way I stuffed up a couple dozen of them. One or two, yes.

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