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  • Here’s the zeroise() function SPAM is currently using:
    function zeroise($number, $threshold) { // function to add leading zeros when necessary
    if ($l<$threshold)
    for ($i=0; $i<($threshold-$l); $i=$i+1) { $number='0'.$number; }
    return $number;

    I wrote this little piece of code, which should do the same, but is much smaller and faster.
    function zeroise($number, $treshold) {
    return sprintf("%0".$treshold."s", $number);

    Good? Bad? Let me know.

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  • Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    This seems to break month navigation.

    Can you please specify, Matt? It seems to return exactly the same as with the old function to me…

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    That’s a CVS version with the only change being your function, note that the months aren’t getting padded and the calendar names and links are messed up as a result.

    I’ve been looking into that for 4 days now, and I still can’t find the problem. I implemented this on my blog (which is running the official 1.2 Mingus release), and everything works fine. I also freshly installed WP 1.2 Mingus on my localhost, with the only change being the function, and everything works like a charm.
    Somebody, please enlighten me here! Are there such great changes in the CVS version or something?

    How about:
    str_pad($number, $threshold, ‘0’, STR_PAD_LEFT)
    (Built into PHP >= 4.0.1.; see <;).

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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