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  • I have hidden my login page from myself very successfully with Better WP Security on a site that was hacked repeatedly this summer.

    The site has remained stable since August, after being hacked every few days and I think the plugin was a big help. But it’s been a few months and now I can’t find the login page at or ../login or ../register or ../admin. It redirects me back to the home page each time. Help!

    How can I change this redirect? How do i get back into my clients website?

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  • The same thing just happened to me. I’ve been using a hidden login page for months and it has worked fine. Now when I try to go to that page, it redirects me to my homepage

    I did the WP update and everything was working fine until this morning. Probably happened in the same time frame as fellene, who posted above me.

    Anyone have a fix for this? I don’t want to go deleting stuff from the directory folder. My site is functional, I just can’t login 🙁

    Resolved for me. I didn’t do change any settings or do anything different except use a different computer. Maybe the other computer was banned somehow. I will try again on the other computer.

    Not working for me either. Happened out of nowhere really.

    This plugin developer seriously needs to update and fix this! He/she claims to be the best security plugin and a key feature is completely broken…

    Hi all Maybe somebody else want to solve this problem 🙂 I had it and finally I solved with this moves:

    1. delete better wp-security folder from plugin folder via ftp
    2. edit your .htaccess (infact, better wp edits it ) by removing ALL lines from # BEGIN BETTER WP to # END BETTER WP .

    Then, you’ll see that if you try login normally (wp-login.php) you should be able to :))

    I agree with Patrick; this developer has some serious issues.

    Please see a related thread where I posted just minutes ago:


    I just followed your instructions by deleting areas in .htaccess but I am still getting and error code when trying to log into my dashboard.. error code = Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_option() in /homepages/9/d105930160/htdocs/Coastal/K2/wp-admin/admin.php on line 32

    Is there anything else that I may have to edit?


    Your error indicates something with an upgrade of WP, by looking at line 32 in admin.php (see

    if ( get_option('db_upgraded') ) {
    	update_option( 'db_upgraded',  false );

    I’m not too good in PHP so I don’t know what’s causing it but it I suggest you to first remove the .htaccess file and see if the problem remains. If it does, re-install wordpress. You have to do it using an FTP client since you cant login (?).

    Thanks for posting this thread.

    I also forgot that I’d changed my .htaccess and opted to make my wp-admin hidden.

    I don’t fault the plugin, I forgot to save what I’d changed it to (and I shoulda known better)

    following the suggestions given by jujole, I removed the lines of code in .htaccess that clearly were mods made by WP Better Security
    and deleted the WP Better Security directory via FTP

    and I can now login to my site again

    I plan on reinstalling the plugin but pay closer attention to what I changed the login url to

    Thanks jojole!

    I’ll chime in a bit too…

    What worked for me (and is by far the easiest thing to try first) is to clear your browser cache, close your browser, restart it, open a new page to your and try again.

    But the other tips were very good as well!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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