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  • I don’t want to upgrade my WP 1.5.x yet, and think that the best way would be to install second copy of WP 2.0 and transfer all data from DB to new tables that WP 2.0 will use. So the question is:

    If I will install WP 2.0 in another directory, lets say /new and will add different prefix for DB tables, would it be enough to not interfere with my WP 1.5.x copy?

    And are there any utilities to transfer data between WP 1.5.x and WP 2.0 DB tables?

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  • Why not just copy the database?

    Is the DB scheme the same for 1.5 and 2.0???

    What you should do is first duplicate your existing 1.5.x blog and then upgrade the files to 2.x and then perform the “wp-admin/upgrade.php” which might/will upgrade the database schema to 2.x standards.

    Then make a copy of your newly updated 2.x Blog and enjoy.


    Just to clarify.

    1. I copy all the current WP 1.5 files to new directory.
    2. I copy all the current WP 1.5 tables with different prefix.
    3. I edit config file where specify tables for second blog.

    And afterwards I’ll upgrade second WP 1.5 blog to WP 2.0.

    That should work?

    To be completely safe I would suggest creating an entirely different database if your host allows it. This allow you to blow it away in case you mess up and start over again.

    Using the same database, you will have to be very careful in what you remove and what you keep.

    The rest of the steps look good..but just for completeness:


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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