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  • Hi forum! Thanks in advance for your help.

    I understand from reading other threads that if you want to see a fleshed-out version of a particular theme with content, images, etc., the Preview button in that theme’s WP home page is not really going to do it. The theme will be devoid of content and therefore what you’ll see is kind of like a suit of clothing with no body in it!

    I’ve tried to go online and find a site that used a theme I’m interested in (Polite New), so I can see how people actually use it and get an idea of how I might use it too. The search has been fruitless. I get page after page of commercial sites trying to sell me this theme-related service or that. I’ve tried multiple search terms, multiple approaches, etc. and have only ended up frustrated.

    Any tips for finding real-life examples of particular WP themes? Thanks!

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  • Any tips for finding real-life examples of particular WP themes?

    Just ask the theme’s author?

    Most vendors have a “Showcase” page on their site showcasing real-world implementations of their products.

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    Hi George! Thanks for this reply.

    I’ve actually tried checking out the “live previews” on Template Sell’s home pages for themes, and each time (no matter which theme I’m checking out) I get a “This Connection Is Not Private” page warning me to go no further. So I don’t!

    Any way to get around this? Thanks.

    Please contact the theme’s author.

    And if you can’t get the author to respond to a basic request like this, you should probably assume that they will not provide any help to you if you encounter a problem with their product after purchasing.

    As a reminder, commercial themes and plugins are not supported here. Only the vendors of such products can help you resolve issues with their products.

    Good luck!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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