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  • No offense, but better than what? Smoke signals? Brothers type writer and carrier pigeon?
    All kidding aside, are you using WP now, and looking for suggestions for an alternative, or looking at using WP and wondering if it will fit the bill?

    I know that I would like to be able to do this with wordpress…..If anyone out there can recomend a plugin….

    I think maybe he is referring to having a built in mailing list, to be able to contact users who are registered with his blog. Is that it?


    Is there a plugin which allows daily mailing list (with days entries) subscription and maintenance?

    I am aware of scriptygoddess’s plugin. However that is for individual posts only. For high volume blogs that is not suitable.

    How about offering the email subscription box from Bloglet. It works right off your RSS feed.

    “how it works:

    1. Signup with Bloglet
    2. Place a subscription form on your site
    3. Your readers subscribe through this form
    4. Every day, readers receive a single email from Bloglet informing them of your site updates”

    Bloglet email newsletters are not pretty and have some bugs. Sometimes certains days are missed, even if there are posts.

    Unfortunately the author cannot be contacted. I tried twice their web form, twice sending to his email address and it is bounced everytime.

    FY: A lot of “newsletters” sent by email are now being replaced by encouraging people to use the feeds. Just a thought.

    As feed become more well known and easily available, they are growing in popularity and I know of several places who are considering dropping their subscribers and going to promoting feeds.

    Newsletter plug-in anyone???

    @ Lorelle: You’re status-quo visitor is about as familiar with RSS feeds as Jeffrey Dahmer is with being a vegan.

    This plugin looks promising, though costs $15
    (I haven’t tried it)

    Alternatively you could use phplist and get users to subscribe to it. Maybe overkill though. There are some phplist integration plugins if you search I believe

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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