Better using WP all over my site or just in my blog section ? (2 posts)

  1. mpesgt01
    Posted 7 years ago #


    I want to launch a website and before going further I was asking myself what would be better for me to do ?

    Option 1 : Build a site in html/php and have a part for a blog ?
    Option 2 : Build the entire site wihtin WP ?

    Here is the site layout if it can help you help me :
    Width 800px
    - header
    - navigation
    - content (splited in 2 columns, mostly images a some texte left and full text right)
    - nav footer (splitted in 3 columns, images left, images center, blog titles rss links right)
    - footer

    blog layout :
    - content (splitted in 2 columns, post content left, something elses on right i guess)

    Please help choose with explanations. Thanks.

  2. mpesgt01
    Posted 7 years ago #

    If I go with the option #2 - all WP site - i guess i would have to do something like
    - new index, not the usual WP index page
    - all my pages of the site would have to be "wp pages"
    - when visiting the blog section i would make appear the archives dates on the right... all this by modifying the Theme files for post.php


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