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  • I found that many people have been hoping for this feature but none has been done to improve it.
    Hopefully we can see any improvement in near future.

    I hope that we can customize the folder everytime we upload the photos.
    By default it is wp-contents/upload/
    And maybe we can create/delete a new directory to it.
    Let’s say when i upload, i can choose to add a new directory “holidays2009”, and my photos will be uploaded to wp-conents/upload/holidays2009

    This enable us to manage our upload files easier and especially when you have a lot of photos, it’s time consuming to browse through all pages to search for the right one for your to post it.
    It’s just not realistic.

    WordPress has been very good so far, but the upload managing system has been giving me a real headache.

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  • Use the search box provided to search for the image?

    If you name your files appropriately you’ll remove the time wasted browsing through files by searching for what you want.

    There’s also image, audio and video filter links above the media list.. clicking those filters files to those media types.

    I agree it could do with a little bit of fine tuning, but all the same, there are features in place to assist you already, so why not utilise them.

    thanks t31os,

    could you please tell me what features you meant?

    yeah, it would be easier if we name our files appropriately.
    However, when you just upload files from digital cameras, it’s time consuming to open each image and rename it.

    Thank you.

    I was referring to the search and filters above the media list, they are there to assist you in finding what you want..

    If you cannot name the files appropriately then consider giving them an appropriate description. The search will check against for both titles and descriptions.

    You’re given opportunity to update the media description when inserting it into a post, so it’s not like you have to do anything special to be able to utilise the field.

    If you start using the description field you’ll then be able to search media by simply searching for terms/words contained in the media description.


    it’s time consuming to open each image and rename it.

    That’s something you might want to consider doing before uploading it. Have you thought about batch file renaming to more accurately index or group your photographs by “group name” and numerical sequence after you download them from your camera to your PC and before you upload them to WordPress? It’s a very fast process, and you don’t even usually need a third party application to batch rename large numbers of files. There are also plenty of great media cataloging applications for the desktop that will help you do all that (tagging, categorizing, editing, descriptions etc…) in a directory on your PC before uploading your media to WordPress.

    WordPress has been very good so far, but the upload managing system has been giving me a real headache…

    Your headache seems more relative to your raw material preparation methods (efforts) than the uploader or library functions.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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