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  • biodrama


    I chose the FrameFake theme because I liked the way the content scrolled between the Header & Footer, while they remained stationary. I have invested a fair amount of time into customizing my FrameFake theme, swapping out graphics and modifying the CSS. I recently saw the results on a regular 1024×768 Dell laptop using Internet Explorer. Between Explorer’s massive toolbars and the stationary header & footer, there really isn’t enough of a content area left to be proportionate. I imagine that 1024×768 is a fairly common resolultion that I must accomodate.

    The site is here: <; Please note that it has a start page that is outside the theme. You need to go in one level to enter the FrameFake Theme. I understand that the large size of my header graphic is contributing to the problem, but I’d like to keep the graphic if possible.

    Now, my question: Can I easily modify the CSS positioning in order to make the header & footer scroll along with the content, like most themes, or should I chalk it up to experience & begin selecting & modifying another theme? I have messed with CSS positioning a bit before, and found it hard (not intuitive?) to understand and control, but I sure wouldn’t mind learning more.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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