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    As someone who previously used WooCommerce and spent a LOT of money on additional plugins to run a successful store, I have been absolutely blown away from by WP EasyCart.

    They offer built-in Google Analytics and Ads tracking for e-commerce (previously I had to pay for MonsterInsights for the same feature), as well as Facebook Tracking Pixel integration (goodbye to that horrible, site-slowing plugin by Facebook, who’s developer team doesn’t even fix known deduplication bugs that cause reporting errors).

    On top of this they easily integrate with some of the most popular payment vendors (the reason why I switched away from WooCommerce – I lost over $5,000 in revenue due to an intermittent ‘could not validate nonce’ error preventing users from checking out, which was a documented bug that WooCommerce’s customer support couldn’t even point me to – instead telling me more customers were choosing to cancel their orders… and refusing to believe the emails I had from customers proving otherwise).

    WP EC have also created a section to add custom-CSS which only applies to EC pages, as well as a child theme that does the same. I am super impressed by all the thought and effort that went into building their system and can highly recommend them!

    This doesn’t even include that this will let me start selling on Instagram and Facebook, which is awesome.

    I know $99 USD for the pro version can seem a bit daunting, but after having a look at all these features I honestly believe the dev team are undercharging for the good user design and technical expertise that has gone into this (though I know they probably need to in order to keep their competitive edge with WooCommerce).

    However, having used WooCommerce to generate a lot of revenue but then have a very serious intermittent bug come up, I learned WooCommerce’s customer support is awful. They didn’t believe what I was telling them (despite error HTML and logs), blamed it on other plugins (which hadn’t been updated or caused conflicts in the past), and refused to accept responsibility for what an (incredibly helpful!) developer customer’s research discovered was a documented ‘could not validate nonce’ error that their developers were working on for over a month.

    Given the excellent customer support reviews I have read, and the beautiful plugin I have had the time to explore (with excellent documentation, I might add!), I am looking forward highly to publishing this change from WooCommerce to WP EasyCart live from my staging site. Thanks guys!

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