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    I chose this plugin because as of this writing, the old option, the Blogger Importer Plugin recommended by WordPress, hasn’t been updated in five years and throws a number of PHP-version-related errors.

    I used the unlimited (premium) version of the Blogger Importer Extended Plugin to import 208 posts from a client’s Blogger site into an existing WordPress blog. It took 18 minutes for the Importer to bring in all 208 posts, associated comments, and the multiple images in each post. The import went smoothly, with the CPU and memory use of the plugin not exceeding 5 and 0.3 percent, respectively. It’s very well-behaved in terms of server resources.

    It imported all the posts into the default post category, “uncategorized” on this particular site, which presented a problem as WordPress still doesn’t have a way to bulk-remove categories, only add them, though there are workarounds. In retrospect, the thing to do is to set the default post category to the category you want the imported posts in just before running the import, then the imported posts will all be in the correct category after importing them. Once the import is done, you can revert the default post category to its previous value.

    Another wrinkle was that the Importer set the first image in each Blogger post as the Featured Image for the post in WordPress, which in the theme I was using was not attractive. A simple SQL query can be used to remove the featured images in bulk, which offers a quick fix to this issue.

    The other thing of note is that a minor modification of the blogger-redirect-template.xml file will allow you to do the redirects on the Blogger site if your permalinks on the destination WordPress site are in the same format, making it possible to remove the plugin after you’ve done the import and still have the redirects work.

    Overall, this is a very well-designed and functioning plugin. It is worlds better than the old method of importing from Blogger/Blogspot, which didn’t even get the post images.

    The only things keeping me from giving this five stars is the inability to set the category for imported posts and an option not to set featured images.

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  • Plugin Author pipdig


    Hi @linux4me2, thanks for leaving such a comprehensive review and feedback. It is very useful! I just wanted to give some thoughts on those 2 items which could be improved.

    We have considered adding an option to enable/disable setting the Featured Image, however we wanted to keep options to a minimum so new users have a simpler experience. The Featured Image is really something that the active theme should control, for example by providing options around how the image is displayed. We might add an “Advanced Options” section in future to work around that though.

    Regarding categories, we find that a lot of people use Blogger labels mistakenly as keyword/SEO tags rather than for categorization of content, so importing as tags into WordPress tends to work best in most cases. Tags can also be converted to Categories by using https://wordpress.org/plugins/wpcat2tag-importer. the caveat to this is that the default category is used, which is usually “Uncategorized”. Again, we might add this to an “Advanced Options” section in future. It is always a difficult process to balance adding options whilst keeping things easy to use.

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