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  • I use Stripe and so far have only found one major issue which they seem to hide. It’s not mentioned in any online articles or other reviews here.

    When you refund a customer Stripe DOES NOT refund the transaction fees. Any of it. In ANY case. See here:
    “You can issue either partial or full refunds. There are no fees to refund a charge, but the fees from the original charge are not returned.”
    It’s not mentioned at all here:

    Very sneaky indeed Stripe! I thought you were trying to be better than PayPal? Guess not. Shame too, as this is the only major issue I have had with them. However if they are willing to lie about this and hide any mention of it in their FAQs then what else have I yet to discover? PayPal in comparison will refund and adjust all fees except the $.30 transaction fee.

    So users should be aware if they refund a customer they will out ALL of the transaction fees. Stipe will not refund ANY of the 3.9% or the $.30 charge. PayPal on the other hand will. As much as I hate PayPal this is a major reason to use them as a seller. $500 sale is $19.80 you will never see again – unlike with PayPal’s $.30. HUGE difference!

    Beware and be warned!

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  • Plugin Author Phil Derksen


    @reactivemicro Thanks for the review, but it appears you’re reviewing Stripe vs PayPal, and we are neither. 🙂

    Our software is not part of the Stripe service itself, it’s just a way to allow WordPress site owners to better use Stripe to serve their customers/visitors.

    We would appreciate it if you could update your review or remove it since it’s not really applicable to our product. It doesn’t take but a minute.

    Thanks so much!

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