• I will start this with saying I am using the paid versions of both AR Forms, WPForms and Ninja Forms on many websites. I don’t know how good the free version of AR Forms is, however the paid version of the form plugin can seemingly do everything. From integrations with CRM’s and payment providers to file uploads and conditional logic. The price is one off too, and reasonable, which is a big deal when selling a website to a client. The form fields look great and the form building is quick to use.

    Ninja Forms on the otherhand is slow, and you have to pay a yearly fee for any functionality above a basic form. I will be migrating all future sites to WPForms, I have 5 licenses already.

    I have also got experience with WPForms and Gravity Forms, and AR forms consistently outperforms them for my use cases. It had it’s fair share of bugs a year or so ago, but it seems to work flawlessly for me now, due to ongoing updates and development.

    Good job AR Forms team!

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