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  • I habe been using Gutenberg for approximately 4 months now, using beta versions of WP for testing while putting togehter the new website of my employer. I was sure that the website and WP5 would go live about the same time — and I was wrong by only three days.
    Never had any problems with Gutenberg in multiple test installations with diverse plugins (I believe there were 30 to 40 involved across all the test websites.
    Sometimes importing text from other websites (HTML or copied from the browser) or an office program (Word, Writer) worked flawlessly, sometimes I had to put in a little extra work.
    But there are strange behaviours when I edit pages from time to time: After saving a page with a (short) unordered list just yesterday Gutenberg displayed the list items with empty lines between them. You could even “delete” the empty lines. This happened reproducibly. But if you would just leave the “broken” page and load it again, the list would be OK, no empty lines betweeen the items. So it seems to be a temporary artifact.
    The options for a table appear at the top of the table, even if it is much longer than the screen is high. To add a line you need to scroll up (with the cursor in the last line, of course) and add a line, scroll back and edit stuff.
    I hope such stuff is going to get solved. And that the included set of widgets gets better. The columns block is a great thing, but it’s behaviour is not fully responsive: Why not let the columns (>2) “float” according to the width of the client’s screen width (4,…3,…2,…1)
    Anyway: thanks for a good new editor, I hope it makes it easier for newbies to edit their posts and pages in WP (haven’t had a chance to test this, yet). I sort of regret that the nice Gutenbert Logo is now disappearing behind the screen.

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  • Hi @westzipfler, thanks for using Gutenberg and for taking the time to share your thoughts!

    Since it’s been a few months since you wrote this, I wanted to check in to see if you’ve continued to use the block editor in the more recent releases, and if you are experiencing the same issues with importing text?

    The Gutenberg team is actively seeking feedback and help in discovering bugs and edge cases. It would be great if you could share more details about the issues that you have run into so that it can be improved upon. You can share that here so we can pass feedback on to the Gutenberg team. Or, if you use GitHub, you can log an issue at:

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