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  • I’m relatively new to WordPress. I post a question and it goes unresolved. There should be a way to have unresolved questions kept up top so they don’t get buried.

    WordPress is excellent. Some of us have dull, boring, questions simply because we’re not familiar with the program and can’t find the answer elsewhere.

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  • Ken, the problem is that your questions aren’t dull or boring, but hard to answer even for people who have worked with WP for several years. You noticed yourself at your CSS question that people come up with serious coding and not all forum users know their way with CSS as much as the person who replied. When I read a post with too little information or I don’t know the answer, I don’t answer. That CSS question is way too difficult and that other question is unclear. I’m sure you’re not talking about the “setting” -> “general” blog title, since that would really display lack of effort to find the answer yourself; but if that’s not the question, what is it?

    So my advice to you: give as much information as possible, in most cases this includes a link (you can’t expect people search for that information for you). If you want your question to stay in focus, continue your search and post your findings, conclusions, options and new questions so that the thread is back on top. Further, have a good look at your theme’s PHP and especially CSS and find out a bit what are easy things (changing colour, font, etc.) and what is diffult (Java effects, margins, etc.), so you will know when you have a relatively easy and when a difficult question.

    I was a bit vague since this is not the first time I’ve lobbed a question up there (with links) and it sat there unanswered. I’m familiar enough with coding. WordPress is not my only web app and I have several sites up.

    For a top example of forum support look at RapidWeaver’s forums. Rarely will a question go unanswered for a day, not less weeks and months. There’s a link at the top “Unanswered Posts” so that anyone can scan the list and help.

    The theme in this case is a near dead stock P2. We’re talking no frills, no tricks, no codes changes except for link color. WP is hosted on my server, the domain name aliases to the original name. Where the title is picking up the original name I have no clue.

    The site is

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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