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  • i have tried all the multi language plugins that can be found for wordpress, and one thing they all have in common (except for one) is they wrap the post, and the post title in language tags. ie: [english] Post Title [/english][italian]Posta Titla[/italian] and so on.

    after searching through many many many forums, there seems to be a common problem in that in the admin of wordpress it is actually “impossible” (from the developer of qTranslate) to get certain parts of the WP admin to filter out the language tags, so you end up with huge lists of unreadable text. the one most people have problem with is the “Select Page Parent” drop box from the write page section, and also the various “Order Pages” plugins.

    if the developers of WordPress could please have a look at some of these language plugins (qTranslate, Language Switcher, jLanguage) and see if there is an easy way to add a filter or something to teh WP core, that would help out a very large group of multi language blog builders.

    thanks so much!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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