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  • Hi, does anyone know of a decent shopping cart for WP?

    YAK seems too complicated to set up properly

    WP ecommerce is created by con-men scam artists (already been ripped off by them twice)

    I can’t find a download for the one offers (anyone tried this?)

    Is there any other shopping carts out there?

    Thanks for your help

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  • I use WP ecommerce and love it. how did they rip you off?

    I paid for upgrades that dont work, they are ignoring my emails and posts on their “support” forum.

    you know, a good attitude goes a long way. its pretty bold and irresponsible to call them con men when the most likely issue is user error. their products work very well for most people, and I’ve had amazing help from them from their forums and through email for free, but if you have urgent problems that need attention, buy a support ticket. developers need to eat too.

    Sorry, but when you pay for a product you expect it to work, no messing around it should work.

    I’ve been using WP for years, I understand how plugins work, and I know when code is full of bugs.

    Yes their free shopping cart is fine but the upgrades are useless, they are selling beta software. No two ways about it.

    The forums? Have you read what people are posting over there? No support, no replies to emails, many requesting refunds. I suggest you go read the forum.

    Buy a ticket? You’re telling me to spend 80 bucks to get something fixed which I have already paid for? Yeah sure, I must have ‘TOOL’ writen on my forehead.

    OK, you go buy something from your store, take it home and find out it’s broken. You go back and try to get one that works or ask them to fix it but they ignore you, so you’re stuck with a product that doesn’t work.. I’d call that a con.

    What’s different here is the developers know full well their code doesn’t work (again just look at their forums) but are selling it so people like you will pay out 80 bucks to get it fixed.

    That is a con.

    Sorry, but when you pay for a product you expect it to work, no messing around it should work.

    That is the reason why I release all my plugins for free to that I got no obligations.

    Peace man =)

    I’m interested in available alternatives, as well.

    There’s Zen Cart, and a third-party WordPress integration.

    And there’s an old WordPress Paypal Plugin, but that one is pretty simple, and apparently isn’t maintained anymore.

    Then there’s osCommerce, which is a full-featured stand-alone system that supports several payment gateways. I haven’t had a chance to research it much yet, but a search turns up some possible WordPress integration implementations.

    well microdot, i havent had to pay for support from them because ive never had any problems that they havent helped me fix for free. ive only had one problem with their cart, and it was a small bug in a new release. they were happy to help fix it and promptly made a new release. just because youre having issues and cant get their stuff to work, doesnt mean it doesnt work wonderfully for most people. ive been on their forums plenty, of course their forums are full of people with issues, its a help and bug hunt forum. if you were nice about your problems instead of slandering them, maybe youd get more help from them, or from people like me who have had great experience with their software and are happy to help anyone having problems.

    ….im pretty sure microsoft doesnt offer free support if you cant get their software to work….

    i tried to look for your posts on their forums but couldnt find them, so i have no idea what kind of problems youre having.

    Actually GamerZ I was a bit stunned to see people selling plugins having never had to pay for upgrades before. Good call man, just had a look through your site and you’ve got some wicked plugins there.. my site is gonna get a sudden boost this weekend 😉

    Cheers dougal, some good ideas there, thanks a lot.

    Alright boober if you scan through my posts on this forum you’ll see that I don’t spit the dummy for no reason. Only when I feel like I’m not being treated fairly is when I get ranty, and that has never happened to me in WP community before – I’ve only ever found people creating and sharing technology for the love of technology and not profit.

    I had sent WP ecommerce makers several nice emails asking for help, even congratulating on (what I thought was) an amazing shop.

    Having spent hours if not days looking throught their forum it seems a few months ago they were willing to help people but lately it seems they are ignoring their members.

    I’m sure if I had found the plugin months ago I would have got the help I needed like many others have. Those who are in need of help now ain’t receiving it, even those who have paid for their products.

    I didn’t slander anybody, what I’m saying is the truth. WP ecommerce are ripping people off.

    Now we have all the information… should I say: more than we need?

    Guys, please, take this discussion about the plugin to their own forum – it will be better for everybody.

    Offering other solutions (as per the title of this thread) is OK.

    Rambling about the plugin and their authors – will be not OK, and might result in deletion.

    Thank you all for understanding.

    For the record, I believe what microdot is saying is true. I loaded their free plugin and it worked fine. Then I bought the gold cart and the grid view plugins and got this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wpsc_product_url() in /mnt/w0011/d46/s20/b024d5f9/www/ on line 48

    I then posted in their forum and they emailed me to say I must have a server error (although there was no server error on their free stuff). They asked me for all my id’s and passwords, ftp, wp login, and I gave it to them.

    I never heard another word. I’ve emailed back at least 5 times and gotten no answer, so I’ve paid $30 for nothing. Never mind that they never even emailed to say that I could purchase support. Just no response from them at all.

    Does anyone know what that error above is? Maybe it’s some simple code error that I could fix myself?

    I’m trying the WP ecommerce Lite right now for a friend’s version and I’m noticing you have to upgrade for certain things. Do you know if any of the versions lets you add a “add to cart” button on the pages you have your products?

    You can have an add to cart button on all the pages or in the sidebar like I put it and that part works.

    I’m just a little pissed off that everybody can use the product for free, including me, but then when I paid for something, I get ripped off by instinct.

    If what they’re selling is buggy, they could at least give me an answer about it instead of ignoring me when I just bought it.

    When it gives me that error message, here’s what the code in the grid_display_functions.php file says at line 48:

    ‘$output .= ““;
    //$output .= “

    Can anyone see an error with that?

    $output .= "<a href='".wpsc_product_url($product['id'])."'>";
                //$output .= "<a id='preview_link' href='".$image_link."' class='thickbox'  rel='".str_replace(" ", "_",$product['name'])."'>";

    It created a few pages on my sidebar, and I was able to create products on the product page. I’m having a hard time seeing the option to put the add to cart option on my items on pages. I went on their website but couldn’t find instructions on how to do it.

    What am I missing here?

    Hey All,
    How about Megento or cubecart. There is also x-cart.


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