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  • I think there is demand for a better search result page. The current search results are pulling too much content, which makes it almost impossible to find something.

    Better would be a result page like Google that only shows 2-3 lines with a sniplet with the highlightes code found.

    I checked out:

    which look svery nice but it doesn’t work with the Blix theme. Maybe someone knows what to change.

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  • I currently use the plugin search reloaded. Thi sgives better results but still too much text.

    If you have a view hundreds posts you need a seach result style like Google, otherwise people give up.

    Did you find the answer somewhere ? I’m also using blix theme also but not got enough to php to modify the way the search’s results are displayed.

    I’m using the Blix theme as well and would LOVE to find a way to get a search results page resembling Google’s that include the post title, a link to the post and a very short excerpt.

    Apparently there was a hack that allowed just that, but the page with the code no longer exists.

    Why don’t you try to have a search.php template file which you can edit (i.e. use the_excerpt instead of the_content) and make it to work as you wish?
    search.php is one of the template files that WP “recognizes” and you don’t have to do anything else just drop it into your themes directory.


    Blix already has a search.php template, but due to my rather major PHP newbishness, I have no idea where to drop the _excerpt. I can’t seem to find _content anywhere on the Blix search.php page.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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