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  • I love wordpress! It is truly amazing and I think the power of it all is only just starting to be fully realized. I’ve recently begun using it for non-blog sites… to provide the folks who use the site an easier structure for updating their site (without having to know html and without having to use something bigger/more cumbersome like Drupal or Joomla. I have noticed a couple of things that I think are missing, however.

    I’d love the ability, when viewing the wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=page screen, to limit it to show only certain pages. For example, I have a site that has four top level pages and then from each there are children and grandchildren. I’d like to be able to limit the view to show just the children of a page when editing.

    Additionally, I’d love to have page categories. Right now, I accomplish categories by creating dummy pages to have other pages listed as children of that page. The dummy page will be the category and the children would be the pages in that category. It would be nice (and a lot cleaner) if I could just assign pages to page-categories. It would also make breadcrumbing the site a lot easier.

    Anyhow, keep up the great work!

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  • update: At least on the topic of limiting administrative page views to only certain pages, there is a plugin for that. Pages Children by Paul Menard only shows the current generation and adds a link to each page in the currently displayed generation to their offspring. Genius! Thanks, Paul!

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