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  • Would it be possible to hire professionals to prepare the documentation? It truly is not usable as it stands

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  • What the WP documentation? I’ve learned everything I know about WP here at the codex! Well maybe not everything but alot!

    Would it be possible to hire professionals to prepare the documentation?

    Are you offering to pay them?

    it is ideal to hire professionals to prepare a document if the is the field you are not conversant with.

    We’re well aware of the reasons for hiring people skilled in writing technical documentation. The problem with this would be that:

    1. WordPress is an open source, free software program. Not a lot of cash floating around to hire these “professionals” we’re talking about.

    2. Paid technical writers also often need to first learn and/or be trained on the software. This also costs money, again typically not a resource in vast supply for a free application.

    3. Many people already involved with writing the documentation are not merely conversant but also well versed with “the field” of WordPress.

    Literally thousands of man (and woman!) hours have gone into the “official” documentation for WordPress; not to forget all the various material found in the wild. Each of those hours was taken on by a volunteer. As one of those volunteers, let me be clear that when someone labels it as “truly not usable,” I take it personally.

    If you think the documentation can be better, tell us how. Constructive criticism with the goal of improving things is something we can all appreciate. Better yet, if you know how it can be improved *and* have the skills to make it so, get involved and start adding to or editing what’s there. That’s how we’ve all done it. But telling us “Hire someone, because your work is awful” is not a solution.

    Finally, keep in mind that at least a few people writing the WordPress documentation are or have been in the past professional technical writers. And there’s nothing they want to hear less than someone telling them they suck at it.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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