• One of my greatest frustrations with both Joomla and WordPress (WP) is that the permissions systems (ACL) of the core CMS aren’t very robust. I know there are plugins that provide more granular control over the backend permissions, but at this point that kind of functionality really should be part of the base WP package…

    Most medium and large sized businesses have groups of individuals that help maintain content on their websites. Those groups are organized by department or division, and they should only have access to their own stuff. With the base WP permissions this is not possible.

    I think that it’s time for WP to have the following type of built-in functionality instead of having to install a plugin to do it:

    Create custom user groups that can be modified to have granular access to specific portions of the WP backend. (i.e. edit only content in designated categories, access specific plugins, etc.)

    Are there any plans to do this in the product’s development roadmap?

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