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    Hi all,

    Given some of the issues we’ve seen, we’re trying to move rapidly toward an update next week. We would like to cover more fixes than we have so far, and do some internal testing prior to release.

    But at this point, we’ve fixed a number of issues we think are affecting many users, and we want to make the beta available to those who may want to update.

    IT’S A BETA. Please keep in mind it’s a beta. It should resolve some issues, it won’t resolve some others, and there’s a marginal chance it may create some new ones.

    Feel free to post feedback about the beta here. If you do update to the beta and post a new thread or submit a bug report, please let us know which version you are using.

    We’ll be updating the version numbers with each new beta. It’s currently 2.0.2. For the public release we’ll just bump it up one more number from the last beta so everyone will be able to auto-update from the dashboard if they choose to.


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  • @photocrati – Not sure if anyone has reported this yet, but the “Add Gallery” function isn’t working properly. What’s happening with my install (that’s finally working after removing all NextGen data and galleries) is that on create, the function doesn’t insert a trailing slash between “galleries” and the name provided by the user.

    Let me know if you want a screen shot.

    Currently running WP 3.6 and this function was tested in both NGG 2.0 and 2.0.2.

    The lightbox system needs some serious review and testing: only “shutter” works for me (but not the look I want).
    I want to be able to navigate through a gallery, the images should fit in the screen, and it should open only images.

    Here my example code:
    [ngg_images image_ids=3 width=450 display_type=photocrati-nextgen_basic_singlepic link=””]

    Several lightboxes try to open links in a lightbox, some do not scale the images to the screen size, some have broken icons, …

    Here what I tested (new WP 3.6, nextgen 2.0.2, no other plugins):
    shutter: work fine, but not best looks
    shutter2 : broken icons
    thickbox: scale images ok, but tries to open links into the lightbox
    highslide: scale images ok, tries to open links, try open single image link too outside gallery (if you have singlepic and gallery inside one post)
    fancybox: tries to open links into lightbox, scale ok
    lightbox: tries to open links, wrong scale (do not fit in window), try open single image link too outside gallery


    Plugin Author photocrati


    @luc: A few thoughts…

    1) Can you confirm you are on 2.0.2?

    2) Can you clarify what you mean by “tries to open links into lightbox”. Normally the “link” is a thumbnail, and clicking it opens the image in a lightbox. I’m not sure what behavior you’re actually seeing there.

    2) For that shortcode, can you remove that link=”…” component and let me know if that changes things?

    3) Can you check if you are running any lightbox plugins or responsive functionality plugins, and try deactivating those temporarily?


    1) yes, I double checked, wordpress says 2.0.2 (it didn’t work either in 2.0)
    that this works for a very long time, more than 5 years on my site
    my site with NG 1.9.x :
    every pic in the main page is a singlepic + link to open the blog post.

    2) what’s the purpose of singlepic + link -> you click on the picture and it opens a link. simple. now, you click a picture and it renders the link inside the lightbox:
    go to : and click on the picture.
    it should open the new page, and it doesn’t.
    the singlepic shortcode should be interpreted to something like:
    <a href=link> <img src=mypic /> </a>
    but I need to use short code this the post in generated (lightroom plugin), not hand-typed.

    3) without link, of course it works, that’s missing the point.

    4) yes, i’m sure: test site just with wp 3.6 and nextgen 2.0.2

    Could you please make it possible to automatically downgrade to 1.9.13 from dashboard as I couldn’t figure out the whole FTP rollback thing no matter how hard I tried! Please make one decent and honest thing as a courtesy to all of us who are struggling with your “work”.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @renambot: I have to say that I was actually unaware of that functionality in NextGEN Gallery despite working with it closely for years. It’s quite possible that including a “link” parameter for singlepics is something we just missed in matching from Legacy.

    I’ve created an issue on this for the developers.

    @samaralife: We did consider adding a button, but came to the conclusion that it would mostly like cause more problems than it solved. We’ve created a step-by-step roll back tutorial here:

    Can you tell us what issue you are having specifically?


    Has anyone checked, if the beta fixes the encoding-problems?


    @erick: I finally had to figure out the FTP software and how to do it as I couldn’t wait for an indefinite amount of time for some plugin fixes. So now I am back on 1.9.13 and happy.

    Issues with NGG 2.0, WP 3.6, Origin theme:
    1. Interface. No more [nggallery id=x] shortcode on creating a gallery to be copy-pasted into the post, so a user has to click several times in the “manage galleries” list (which in itself is in the ascending order – not quite convenient) to find the gallery id and remember the shortcode template, typing it by hand every time.
    2. Pagination (breadcrumbs) in Origin theme stopped working. (With 1.9.13 it is OK again.)
    3. Images with file-names like “file” transformed into images with file-names like “file-jpg” after upload.

    samaralife, just a brief comment to your 1. issue:

    The old “legacy” shortcodes work ok with me, including [nggallery id=x].

    Have a look at: That site runs on NGG 2.0, but NGG 2.0.2 (which did not bring any worthwile improvements/fixes for me) works just like that in one of my local testsites.

    Breadcrums bug is also verifiede with Photocrati, but I haven’t heard about your #3 issue before.

    Hi there,

    @ photocrati I’m wondering if these bugs include Pro. I haven’t read much about Pro in these threads. I’m assuming it’s all in the same. I was ready to upgrade right away, as I need the new features Pro has to offer. Now I think I need to wait.




    @adsoink I can confirm your issue.

    If you create a new gallery via Manage Galleries – Add new gallery, a relative path is saved to db with a missing trailing slash between “wp-content/galleries” and my-gallery-name ex. wp-content/galleriesmy-gallery-name

    You can avoid that if you create a new gallery via Add Gallery / Images, leave the preselected Create a new gallery and upload your images there.

    Now we have a absolute instead of a relative path in the db and it works.

    Tested with NGG2.0 and 2.2 beta

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @gerobe: As far as we know, any encoding issue has not been fixed unless it was done coincidentally by other fixes. It’s on our list though. If you are having an encoding problem and are willing to do so, can you submit a bug report with details and login credentials? It would help us solve the problem more quickly. Say Erick asked you send credentials.

    @samalife: [nggallery id=x] should be and is working for most people, so that’s some kind of separate bug or conflict. We’ve seen a couple cases of shortcodes not working and they’ve all been plugin conflicts. Check specifically if you have Contact Form 7 or MapPress plugins installed. It sounds like you have a number of issues though. Can you tell us if you are 1) on a windows hosting environment or b) using separate WordPress and Site URL on your general settings pagee?

    @vesat: Thanks very much for jumping in?

    @debiblock: These bugs don’t include Pro. There are some issues with Pro, but they are minor and limited to few users. If Pro users do report issues, they are generally 2.0 issues, and people just don’t know where 2.0 ends and Pro starts. But even then, we’ve had a lot of people go Pro, and if they’re doing so, it’s also because NG 2.0 is working relatively well for them with few and / or minor issues. But in any case, to the extent there are issues, they are generally 2.0 and not Pro. So if 2.0 is working well for you, adding Pro will also work well.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @adsoink: I want to be sure we’re connecting your issues in this forum with your issues in bug reports. Can you send one more quick bug report with your name and just saying “This is adsoink from the forum. Please forward this to Erick.”

    @michael2012-1: Can you confirm that you can create new galleries fine from Gallery > Add Gallery/Images, but that if you create a gallery from Gallery > Manage Galleries > Add New Gallery, it drops the “/”

    @adsoink: Can you also confirm if that’s the same for you?

    We’ve tested gallery creation again on a few instances via both mechanisms without issues, so we’re not sure what’s happening there. But if it’s only via the Manage Galleries tab, that would help us trouble shoot.

    @photocrati – All bugs have been resolved (i.e. global redirects as well the strange concatenation of my site’s dynamic scripts) with the exception of the issue with the missing slash after “galleries” or “gallery”. It does in fact only happen from the Manage Galleries screen, but the problem is that the slash isn’t inserted by default in the Other Options.

    My regression:

    • Installed the beta on my production site and attempted to create a new gallery
    • On press of save, the gallery path was “wp-content/galleriesnameofnewgallery”
    • Navigated to “Other Options to see if I could change the gallery path
    • On refresh, the HTML and CSS for the Other Options screen would not render. I received the same result in trying to navigate to Gallery Options.
    • Regressed the 2.0.2 install back to 2.0 and was able to change the gallery path with no issue because the HTML rendered with no problem

    I’m not sure if you saw my note about the concatenation of dynamic scripts, but NGG was trying to create a top level directory called “nextgen-static” and collapsed all of my JS and AJAX into one semicolon separated URL. The only way I was able to rectify this was to wholly delete all NGG data at the database level and then reinstall the plugin and Pro extension. Certainly a PITA since I now have to rebuild the galleries from scratch (appending the previous album and gallery data post install breaks the plugin), but it’s well better than struggling further with it flat out not working.

    If I come across anything while I’m rebuilding the galleries, I’ll certainly let you guys know.

    @photocrati – I am more than happy to compile the bugs I’ve noticed since the update and send it your way. I’ll include the regressions as well as explanations of my fixes just in case someone else comes up against the same issues. Feel free to PM me the address I should send it to.

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