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  • Hi All
    After tinkering with styles for few weeks, I am finally happy to announce the General Availability of my Beta Thoughts at
    Theme over there is based on WP_NEW theme. I am also working on L10N of WP for Hindi. Once that is done couple of my hindi blogs which are in MT are also in pipeline.
    Your comments would be highly appreciated.

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  • Looks cool to me dude. Welcome.

    About your XHTML (as you’ve asked in your 1st comment on your own site):
    You have no archives, therefor you have something like < ul >< /ul > which is not acceptable by XHTML, if you open < ul > you have to put < li > < /li > inside of it before you close it by < /ul >… You can Either remove that Archive section for now and wait until you go to next month or wait until next month, it will fix itself 🙂

    Thanks guys. It is good to know about why XHTML is broken. I will leave it like this only and see it fix itself in a month 😀

    Should do so, if not, msg us back 😉

    It happened sooner than I thought. May archives have started showing up.

    This Page Is Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional!
    Just as I’ve said 😉 Congrats 😀

    Thanks MaxT.

    Great job on the Hindi Blog.
    I was wondering how I could get the Hindi functionality into WP posts. I don’t really need the entire WP install to have Hindi functionality, but want to be able to make specific posts in Hindi.
    I see that some of your links in the Sidebar in the WP blog are in Hindi.
    Could you outline a howto for doing this? Do I have to install any fonts? How do I type in Hindi???
    This is awesome stuff, and I want to setup a Hindi blog for my parents in India. They will be excited beyond words by it.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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