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  • I wanted to get the word out to my more avid testers and other interest parties. Rather than generate a ton of individual archives, for the initial testing of my new CG stuff, I’m packing up ALL of my ‘libraries’, plus enabler ‘plugin stubs’ for WP1.2+, in one archive.
    This includes my existing libraries:
    1. CG-Amazon (amazon data feeds)
    – added keyword searches, new Find feature to add to db, default to external links (and not internal to cgaindex), fixed cgaindex ‘bot thrashing’, and created CG-Inline for inlining Amazon products in articles. New XMLParser from Feedread.
    2. CG-Feedread (RSS/Atom aggregation)
    – New XMLParser, uses custom HTTP connection code to reduce ‘lockups’ due to bad/unavailable XML services. Fixed some encapsulation and output cases.
    3. CG-Referer (referral, bot, and query/search tracking)
    – Updated blacklists. Overhauled bot code. New bot and query detection.
    4. CG-Samecat (listing posts within a category)
    – No major changes.
    … plus my new additions:
    5. CG-Inline (embedded macros within posts for images, amazon items, and post links)
    6. CG-Related (assisted process for building table of related posts and listing them)
    7. CG-WhatTunes (tying music player/watcher http POST updates to CG-Amazon, to show the current music you are listening to)
    … and associated helper files and functions.
    Many of the above are completely missing documentation at the moment — but I wanted to get the new Amazon and Feedread stuff out, and had people interested in WhatTunes and Related, and didn’t make sense to go pulling them into seven different packages at the moment. 😉
    Anyway… for those brave souls, go grab the CG-PowerPack, and let me know as you have issues. Feel free to start new Topics here for different plugins, so that they don’t all get junked in one post. 😉 For general issues or Qs, feel free to respond to this post of course!
    – All CG-Amazon users really should update, and CLEAR their cache_amazon folder, as bots may have flooded it with junk.
    – Feedread users, note that the cache folder name has been changed from cache_rssfeeds to cache_feedread to note ‘who owns it’. 😉

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  • david,
    sorry but can’t get it (cg-feedread) to work. (b14)
    i’m using your example from the readme file. pasted it in the index.php and get a parse error in the first line of this code.
    i have done everything in the instructions…
    thx for your help

    I have a couple of questions.
    First off for CGAmazon – I was able to install everything fine, and able to search and find things in my CGA tab on my admin panel. I can add things to my new table that was created automatically for me. All of that side works good.
    On the template side, I can add items from my new table just fine, using the sample code. Very nice and easy. (This is using the show_amazon_items(); code. That part’s easy.
    But I’d like to show random items from my wish list. In version 0.93 I should be able to use the show_wishlist_items() but it’s not working. I do have my wishlist id in the cga-config.php, in the $myAmazoneWishList field. It’s not commented out. I have also tried plugging my id into the show_wishlist_items(‘myid’,3,false) part of the template but I still receive a “no product found” under where my wish list should be. Any suggestions?
    Also – I’ve activated the WhatTunes plug-in and it works when I type in the url manually. But I’m not sure how to get these from Windows Media Player to my site automatically. Any suggestions on where to find a WMP plug-in that does this – or should I go back to running winamp? Itunes? I’m guessing I just need something for WMP that will pass the song playing to the code right?
    Thanks again – fantastic tools.




    anon-joe — what is the error you get? If it’s something along the lines of “Cannot send headers once output is sent….” or something like that, check any of the files you modified and make sure there’s no white space before or after the <?php and ?>….. if the error is something totaly different, please post the errors.

    Nope, it isn’t a bug – I forgot to update my config with my ID. So back to the drawing board. I cannot get show_wishlist_items(); to work, but this works for me: show_wishlist_items(”, 3, false);
    If it works, you can go from there.

    David? Paging David. 😉

    David: I just got around to installing iTunes and iTunesBlogger. Though I am not partial to how iTunes plays (seems to hiccup from time to time), your WhatTunes is the bomb! Just have to be careful about playing my “not so politically correct” music.

    David …
    un: admin
    pw: pickles
    I can give you an actual account on my box if you need it as well.

    OK. The mod_php recompile did not seem to do the trick.

    I’m unable to get neither the show_wishlist_items(); nor the show_wishlist_items(”, 3, false); to work for me. Does this require any of the other plug-ins to be turned on?
    Also, I was able to make the ‘whattunes’ plugin work by downloading itunes and the itunes blogger. Cool stuff. Any way to make whattunes work with windows mediaplayer? I’m trying to find a plugin that will send the same information to my site but haven’t had much luck yet.

    dmonty: No, it doesn’t require other plugins. It does require that you have a wishlist and the ID is different than your AmazonID. Post your wishlist ID and I will test it on my blog.
    I doubt if there is a way to work with WMP as it was designed to work with iTunes, but I will keep my eyes open for a helper app specific to WMP.

    Hey all –
    I was away for the weekend, just checking and looks like a lot to respond to… I’ll try to get to everyone tonight.

    @joe/anon –
    Might be easiest if you start a new question/thread on the site here, as this is getting ‘murky’ tracking everyone. Plus, as you’re anon, I can’t respond directly. Start a new question “Need help with CG-Feedread”, and give me/us as much detail as possible.
    Glad it worked for you right off! I’ll look into the wishlist thing, as sounds from Beel like there’s a real bug there that I need to fix. As for WMP support, I’m looking at the WMP9 fun pack, which has some blogger plugin thing, and trying to see if that or other solutions exist. Lord knows there’s a dozen for WinAmp! 😉
    Yeah, I wouldn’t have assumed you needed anything non-standard compiled in. Going to poke around for a bit now, will let you know if I need more access…

    Beel – my Amazon wishlist id is 1ONI92BMLXHU4
    Thanks for looking into this.

    OK … a little more digging. I recompiled PHP with with the following flags (in gentoo) ..
    USE="xml xml2 PEAR unixODBC" emerge php
    Am now getting this error when searching on “loeb” with “music” selected …
    XMLParser failed to open URL: []
    Dumping Logged Messages:
    CGA Keyword: got input: loeb, count = 10, wants Asins
    CGA Keyword: cleaned and alpha-sorted: loeb
    CGA: Keyword loeb lite
    CGA: query type = Keyword, data = loeb, cache = Keyword_usmusic_NOCACHE
    CGA: cache check = multi cached
    CGA: needed to run Query = NOCACHE specified..
    size = lite, max = 10
    AQM: Amazon REST Query (Keyword, 10)
    AQM: Keyword Search = loeb
    XMLPARSER pre-setSource
    ############################ XMLPARSER
    XMLPARSER post-setSource
    CGA: Query time = 0.001
    CGA: FATAL query failure in Amazon query code: XMLParser failed to open URL: []
    CGA: query on Keyword found no items.

    Not sure if this is a step forwards or back. 🙂

    apakuni –
    here’s some quick initial findings, differences, testing of your site:
    – you have allow_url_fopen Off, which shouldn’t be a problem since my new code doesn’t use fopen (it uses fsockopen)
    – you have thread safety on, not sure makes a difference.
    – you have a slightly newer version of PHP (.6 where I have .4)
    otherwise, the only other thing I’ve heard of causing things like this would be firewall issues. I’m still searching for any references on the net to fsockopen() failures, but firewalls are the only thing I’ve seen as yet.

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