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  • I wanted to get the word out to my more avid testers and other interest parties. Rather than generate a ton of individual archives, for the initial testing of my new CG stuff, I’m packing up ALL of my ‘libraries’, plus enabler ‘plugin stubs’ for WP1.2+, in one archive.
    This includes my existing libraries:
    1. CG-Amazon (amazon data feeds)
    – added keyword searches, new Find feature to add to db, default to external links (and not internal to cgaindex), fixed cgaindex ‘bot thrashing’, and created CG-Inline for inlining Amazon products in articles. New XMLParser from Feedread.
    2. CG-Feedread (RSS/Atom aggregation)
    – New XMLParser, uses custom HTTP connection code to reduce ‘lockups’ due to bad/unavailable XML services. Fixed some encapsulation and output cases.
    3. CG-Referer (referral, bot, and query/search tracking)
    – Updated blacklists. Overhauled bot code. New bot and query detection.
    4. CG-Samecat (listing posts within a category)
    – No major changes.
    … plus my new additions:
    5. CG-Inline (embedded macros within posts for images, amazon items, and post links)
    6. CG-Related (assisted process for building table of related posts and listing them)
    7. CG-WhatTunes (tying music player/watcher http POST updates to CG-Amazon, to show the current music you are listening to)
    … and associated helper files and functions.
    Many of the above are completely missing documentation at the moment — but I wanted to get the new Amazon and Feedread stuff out, and had people interested in WhatTunes and Related, and didn’t make sense to go pulling them into seven different packages at the moment. 😉
    Anyway… for those brave souls, go grab the CG-PowerPack, and let me know as you have issues. Feel free to start new Topics here for different plugins, so that they don’t all get junked in one post. 😉 For general issues or Qs, feel free to respond to this post of course!
    – All CG-Amazon users really should update, and CLEAR their cache_amazon folder, as bots may have flooded it with junk.
    – Feedread users, note that the cache folder name has been changed from cache_rssfeeds to cache_feedread to note ‘who owns it’. 😉

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  • Okay, 1.0b6 is up. Minor fix to CG-Referer, which wasn’t directly-accessible for dumping administrative logs, and renamed the master readme to READ_ME_FIRST, and added bolds and italics and examples to make the path structures clear as day. 😉




    CG – OK… my bad. when I saw the cg-plugins folder at the same level as the plugins folder, I thought they went side by side…… sounds like an easy fix for me. Will try it when I get home.

    Cool, let me know if you run into further issues.

    CG-PowerPack version 1.0b7 is now up. Includes:
    – Minor tweaks to refererLib query parsing, now parses excite stuff better.
    – CG-Amazon Admin panel fixes & features: you can add via an Asin again (:groan:), search now has a max-count dropdown (so you can do up to 50 results), search results now has a Category option (applied to all checked items) and has buttons arranged better, searches are MUCH faster and handle results better (was looking up each individual item, now does all in a batch).
    CG-Amazon users will want to grab the new PowerPack release. 😉




    Question: When I use the function to list books, I get a “Products Not FOund” – or is it “No Products Found” ?– either way, I assume it’s because my table is empty….. Is there a way to get the products from Amazon itself using their API? Or is there something I’m missing? Or do I need to build a new plugin that retrieves it from Amazon’s system directly?
    -ps: this has also been posted as a comment on the Power Pack post.

    Well, half correct. Pre-power-pack, the only thing you could ‘easily’ access was items tagged in your local table, or your wishlist. I’ve additionally exposed ‘live’ keyword searches, though they’ll be used sparingly, in specific instances (such as finding the album playing for CG-WhatTunes).
    Generally, you use the CGA admin panel to add specific ASIN items to your table, or use the new Search functionality to look up live on amazon, check off items you want, and click add to add them to the table. Then with the show_amazon_items function, you can have it show latest, or random, or categorized items from your table — your selected products.
    People are using this for things like ‘what I’m reading’ lists, to ‘my favorite movies’ random lists, or ‘what I’m listening to’ callouts.
    On CHAITGEAR, I use it for random gear that might be interesting and somewhat related to the stuff I’m showing, or embedded products in a post (which you too can now do with CG-Inline plus a simple “<!–amazon:B000002G3Y–>” in a post…), or the cgaindex page which lets you browse everything I’ve ‘added’ to my table (and everyone CAN use cgaindex, I’ve just defaulted it back off since it wasn’t meant to be used directly by most sites).
    I’m sure I’ll try to talk to you offline as well, but that’s a starter. 🙂

    (and yes, there are spaces next to the dashes that wouldn’t be there when you want to really type this into a post… tried a few different ways here, and because CG-Inline macros are inside comments, the bb seemed to keep eating the comment!)

    Looking forward to your site getting back up – sometime this summer, eh? I have been playing around with “USING CG-Feedread” (actually CG-Inline), dang it is nice. I see lots of potential (look forward to having the price and moreinfo gif as an option) where I might refer to one or more books as source material or further reading for a post, either in the post or all inline at the bottom – kewl.

    Price and button are options already, there’s just so many freaking options I can’t remember what combination turns which on.
    Ahh, right. At the moment, it’s based on internal redirects. If I use the cgaindex stuff to determine whether to bounce internal or external, I can have the price/buttons show up based on that (no need for price/buttons if bouncing internal…). Otherwise, I can base them at the moment only on image-size request.
    I can always add a param to cga-config that is for inline control… 😉
    And yes, site has been down 14 hours now, great right before my first tradeshow attendence (MacWorld is tuesday), but they’re moving me to a new server and having minor issues getting it back online. Sucks it was down this long to start with.

    Site’s back up… down for 15 hours today, might be some on/off outage in next few days as I move to a new server. Hopefully that’ll resolve server stability probs.
    Get it while it’s live! 😉

    It’ll get much better when I can get around to adding customized style/output templates for things — then you don’t need to play games with CSS. 😉

    OK … I am confused. I have everything installed correctly (I think).
    … is now in …
    {your wp}/wp-content/plugins/
    … and …
    … is now in …
    {your wp}/wp-content/plugins/cg-plugins/*php
    … and …
    /CG-POWERPACK-1.0b8/plugins/cg-amazon extra stuff/*
    … is now in …
    {your wp}/wp-content/plugins/cg-amazon extra stuff/*
    Everything as been CHMOD 775 and set to run in the apache user group (so permissions should not be an issue.
    I went tp the WP Plugin manager and all of the plugins were there, So, I activated them.
    But, I see no new User Interface options in my WP Admin for the new stuff.
    What am I missing?

    Beel … Thanks, I got it installed now. FYI There is no #5 on the install doc and the entire thing is a bit confusing.
    David … I think a directory map would clear up the confusion. I’ll be glad to help if you need it.
    Now that I have it running, the searches all bring back empty result sets. Thoughts?

    I try to download the zip file and its corrupted 🙁 is it me?

    Inside {cg-amazon extra stuff} is the CGAREADME.htm doc. That’s the steps 3/4/5 he was referring to. CG-Amazon definitely has the most detailed docs at the moment. Read that doc, THEN let us know if you still have questions. 😉
    Will go look now. Not all of my posts have inline comment tags, certainly. I’ll try to take a look.
    Sounds from your comments on the site that it was just you and you got it downloaded properly. Let me know if you have any probs.

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