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  • I wanted to get the word out to my more avid testers and other interest parties. Rather than generate a ton of individual archives, for the initial testing of my new CG stuff, I’m packing up ALL of my ‘libraries’, plus enabler ‘plugin stubs’ for WP1.2+, in one archive.
    This includes my existing libraries:
    1. CG-Amazon (amazon data feeds)
    – added keyword searches, new Find feature to add to db, default to external links (and not internal to cgaindex), fixed cgaindex ‘bot thrashing’, and created CG-Inline for inlining Amazon products in articles. New XMLParser from Feedread.
    2. CG-Feedread (RSS/Atom aggregation)
    – New XMLParser, uses custom HTTP connection code to reduce ‘lockups’ due to bad/unavailable XML services. Fixed some encapsulation and output cases.
    3. CG-Referer (referral, bot, and query/search tracking)
    – Updated blacklists. Overhauled bot code. New bot and query detection.
    4. CG-Samecat (listing posts within a category)
    – No major changes.
    … plus my new additions:
    5. CG-Inline (embedded macros within posts for images, amazon items, and post links)
    6. CG-Related (assisted process for building table of related posts and listing them)
    7. CG-WhatTunes (tying music player/watcher http POST updates to CG-Amazon, to show the current music you are listening to)
    … and associated helper files and functions.
    Many of the above are completely missing documentation at the moment — but I wanted to get the new Amazon and Feedread stuff out, and had people interested in WhatTunes and Related, and didn’t make sense to go pulling them into seven different packages at the moment. 😉
    Anyway… for those brave souls, go grab the CG-PowerPack, and let me know as you have issues. Feel free to start new Topics here for different plugins, so that they don’t all get junked in one post. 😉 For general issues or Qs, feel free to respond to this post of course!
    – All CG-Amazon users really should update, and CLEAR their cache_amazon folder, as bots may have flooded it with junk.
    – Feedread users, note that the cache folder name has been changed from cache_rssfeeds to cache_feedread to note ‘who owns it’. 😉

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  • I was hoping I could forgo the instructions and just go for it since it is late, but alas and alack, I got a blank page instead of my blog so I will have to take a look at it tomorrow (later today). Looking forward to it.

    If you didn’t follow instructions, hard to say what went wrong. 😉
    My guess is that you didn’t put everything into wp-content/plugins/, and left cg-plugins as a top-level folder, which I noted in the docs I haven’t tested since I shifted over to the wp-content/plugins/ based paths for files. You also needed to copy the contents of the cg-amazon folder to their proper homes (cgaindex.php and cg-amazon.css into the base wp dir, cga-admin.php into the wp-admin dir).
    In theory it should work with cg-plugins in the root, but I’ll have to go test and see what’s up.

    Well, I am up and am going to look into it for a bit over my coffee. I don’t think I missed anything but we will see what we shall see…

    Okay, I added a “Create Table” button to the cga-admin screen, and made sure to add more steps to the docs, and uploaded a new 1.0b2 version. Those are the only changes, so people who already downloaded shouldn’t need to download again — this is just so new users have a slightly easier time with things.
    Tested the use-from-root-dir old-style stuff and it does work, though all new users (and old ones!) should follow the new instructions and put files into the wp-content/plugins/ path, at least where specified to do so… 😉

    D- If you are around, hit me up on ICQ or something.

    UGH. Sorry about that. Will go update the docs right now! And will ping you on ICQ, see if we can’t work out the wrinkles. 😉

    Okay, 1.0b3 is now up. changed to getSomeFeed in the CG-Feedread doc. Also DISABLED all my calls to try and get the current security/login info, as it is causing some kind of infinite loop on the wp-login.php screen.
    Still working through other issues, but have it all running fine on a WP1.3 installation here.

    This looks like the mother of all plugins. Cant wait to get it running. Thanks David.

    I’ve put a new archive up, 1.0b4. It addresses a number of minor issues, cleaned up some interface stuff in cgaindex, turned off some debugging output, resolved missing includes, resolved minor conflicts.
    Still looking for issues with conflicts between CG-Amazon and other plugins (Beel has problems that we are investigating). If you aren’t running many/any other plugins, it obviously isn’t an issue. 😉

    d- It is no longer an issue in the sense that I got it up. Made changes to cga-config. Now working on getting my wishlist to display.

    Good to hear. Lemme know any changes I should make in the master copy.
    Working on minor revisions until I hear from other people. If I haven’t heard much more by the weekend, I’ll break up at least the three existing libraries (Amazon, Feedread, Referer) so that people who for some reason want one individual lib can get it.

    Okay, I fixed a number of include() problems with paths, some wacky stuff, and ordering issues, and have tweaked at least a half-dozen files. Also fixes to refererLib (the blacklist/bot stuff wasn’t working properly). Also minor fixes across the board.
    Version 1.0b5 of the powerpack is now up on CHAITGEAR.
    Please, people using CG-Amazon, CG-Feedread, or CG-Referer, try these new versions out. Note for CG-Amazon users, cga-config.php is now down inside cg-plugins (which is inside wp-content/plugins/), rather than at the root. Makes coding much easier for me. 😉




    Hmmm…. the include still isn’t right, or I didn’t do this right.
    So here’s what I did…. got the “Power Pack”…. unzipped it… poked around, then followed the instructions, I think…. the files in the plugins folder went into my wp-content/plugins folder, the cg-plugins folder went into the wp-content folder.
    Did I do that right? I activated the Amazon plugin, then clicked on the Options menu and got this:

    Warning: main(cg-plugins/cga-config.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\wwwroot\apache\Apache2\htdocs\WPUp\wp-content\plugins\cg-amazon-plugin.php on line 14
    Warning: main(): Failed opening ‘cg-plugins/cga-config.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.;c:\php4\pear’) in C:\wwwroot\apache\Apache2\htdocs\WPUp\wp-content\plugins\cg-amazon-plugin.php on line 14

    I looked at line 14 of the cg-amazon-plugin.php file and it reads as follows: include_once(‘cg-plugins/cga-config.php’);
    Looks like the cg-plugins is off by one level….. 1) Did I install wrong, or 2) is it a bug?

    TG: Unless I am missing something (and I haven’t dl’d the new beta yet), cg-plugins is a subdirectory of plugins.

    Right, cg-plugins folder goes IN the plugins folder. (powerpackReadme.htm says it in the second bullet…).
    I apologize for any confusion — was trying to get this ‘out’ and get people using it, and the docs and organization of things certainly aren’t as polished as I’d like!
    I guess I could put it in the plugins folder in the archive, but was trying to be somewhat ‘clean’ about what goes where, and what does what. That is, the code uses ‘stubs’ to load as plugins, but could be run fine on pre-1.2 as my-hacks, or most of them will function in non-WP environment (:gasp:). 🙂 The ‘final’ release might have the ‘plugins’ separated from the ‘libraries’ as different downloads, as again I’m trying to retain site-platform-independence for most of them.
    TG, always feel free to drop me a note directly if you run into probs. Can post a comment on the download on my site, or use the contact form in the About section, everything gets to me. 😉

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