• I’ve been meaning to post this for a few months now. I paid $95 USD for a plugin that I thought would be the answer for my client. The demo worked well enough, however the pro was a bloated, complicated not not very user friendly interface with zero automation of time & date ranges. This resulted in many support tickets and many hours wasted and lots of frustration. Not only was the plug-in buggy and an apparent unfinished product but it was also wreaked havoc on my site’s performance!!

    In the end I had to find a different plugin and am still shaking my head all these months later as of the dozens upon dozens of plugins I’ve used over the past several years this was truly the worst. I sincerely hope they’ve upped their game.

    oh. btw.. They did not refund my money.

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    @mdalabar I’ve removed the replies because they are only about getting a replacement plugin and that’s not appropriate in a plugin review.

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