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  • Full of bugs which occur regularly rendering the plugin to stop working. Severely lacking in flexible search, you must search via region or city and anything that is typed close to what place you are searching in won’t display all of the listings or it will display events in the wrong order so users are just left confused and not able to see everything that is listed.

    The themes look cheap and lack professional feel.

    There are one or two people in support who are nice and friendly but the owners or whoever they are simply are intolerant to constructive criticism. If you critic too much, they will threaten to ban you. So much that my membership was cancelled. Compare this to a reputable and established company who will listen to your problems and help you out.

    In a nutshell the plugin offers a false sense of security, unless you are a web developer just about everything to do with aesthetics will need customization. There are few options you can tweak but they don’t work.

    Take this from somebody who used this for nearly a year, go with business directory plugin and another event plugin like events manager – more established and better support. Fewer bugs.

    Read their other responses to 1 or 2 star reviews that critic, this is exactly the attitude I am referring to and if you’re trying to build a business it will only be toxic to your progress. You can’t rely on a product that doesn’t work. Don’t do it.

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  • Plugin Author Paolo


    Hi Robert,

    We are not intolerant to constructive criticism, we are intolerant to people like you, who thinks that paying entitles to forget about good manners.

    Finally my business partner agreed and you’ve been banned.

    Personally I would have done that November 7th 2016, because after an early interaction via our support forum, I already knew that we couldn’t make you happy and I even told you:

    Customization are never part of support and to be honest with you, after reading what you consider to be reasonable requests, I don’t think we’ll ever be able to accommodate your needs, so if you wish a refund we’ll be happy to provide it even if you are pass the 30 days.

    At least we’ll both avoid wasting time in useless discussions like this one.


    In case you forgot, you were insisting that we needed to provide options to turn menu links into buttons… that was your valuable feedback.

    Today you came on our Facebook page to share offensive comments on a new plugin that we created and we are giving away for free. Comments that you can’t even corroborate because you don’t have the knowledge to judge PHP or a plugin level of security.

    How do you think we would react? Is that constructive feedback or pure douchebaggery?

    Good luck for the future, with that attitude you’ll need it.

    p.s. for those reading, even though he didn’t deserve it, we gave him a refund… that’s how bad we are

    Thread Starter robh89


    This exactly the kind of response that I expected, especially from you, Paolo. One which insults their own customers, you cowboys are just about the most unprofessional service providers I have ever come across. I expected you to bring up your previous “warning” to me which is totally irrelevant as to the main reason I gave this plugin 1 star. Do you honestly believe that I care about being banned? I made the decision to drop you guys not that long ago but I just had to get round to doing it and today I felt that I could voice my opinion more freely whilst I was making the transition 🙂


    Plugin Author Paolo


    I expected your reply to, that confirms what I wrote:

    We are not intolerant to constructive criticism, we are intolerant to people like you, who thinks that paying entitles to forget about good manners.

    To be fair, we never insulted you as long as you were a customer, we actually helped you a lot. (190 replies in little over 4 months to be precise)

    However after you decided it was a good idea to come insulting us on our Facebook page, for a product that you are not even using, you stopped being a customer.

    Thread Starter robh89


    Hi, “We”, I’m assuming that doesn’t include you? Just about every single one of your replies to my requests for help would be something along the lines of “Hi, that’s a custom request, so no”. Other members of your team were a little more polite and helpful but you were actually the worst and it started with your nice and tightly held grip on me which I’m sure you smugly enjoyed having after issuing me with an unjustified warning to some criticism but that’s not event relevant as to why I give this plugin such a low score. Perhaps you wouldn’t receive so many “custom” requests if you gave your themes better functionality and a much needed face lift.

    I think you confuse insults with criticism. Please outline how anything I said on facebook was an insult. After using your plugin for almost a year, I just became fed up with it stopping working and if you search your forums there are many topics that are the same going back years, so you haven’t even addressed it. But anyway, I don’t even care, if you want to carry being a contemptuous bigot and keep selling a plugin that doesn’t even work and claim that it’s “The world’s most advanced and scalable WordPress directory plugin” then you can do that and I bet my bottom dollar that I won’t be the last bad review you get. Thanks.

    Plugin Author Paolo


    Hi again Robert,

    you didn’t bring anything to the table on our Facebook page yesterday other than assumptions on a plugin that you didn’t even test.

    If you publicly state that our work is not secure and full of bugs without facts to support your assumptions, you are not criticizing, you are libeling and insulting.

    Considering that we were giving you that plugin for free, your behavior was unacceptable.

    Everyone gets negative reviews and I’m sure we’ll get more after yours, but I’m also sure we’ll keep our average.

    The vast majority of our users love the plugin and believe we provide excellent support. These are the facts, you are an exception not the rule.

    It’s not because of GeoDirectory that you didn’t finish your website, otherwise nobody would be able to make a website with it and our showcase section wouldn’t even exist.

    You don’t have the skill set to turn your vision into reality, which is ok, because you are an English Teacher, not a web developer.

    I have had similar problems in the past, but I didn’t blame the rest of the universe because of my shortcomings. I found myself a business partner with the skills that I was missing!

    You are convinced that there should be a theme or plugin that would allow you to achieve everything that you have in mind, without editing/adding a single line of code or CSS, but that’s not how things work. Such thing doesn’t exist yet.

    To modify your website the way you wanted it, you needed to hire a professional. Your website would have been online after maximum 1 month.

    Otherwise you had the option to adapt to the tools that you could afford and use them to the best of your possibilities.

    Bye bye now

    Thread Starter robh89


    More nonsense from you again. Would you like me to list every incident of the search function not working along with the error codes? That’s called proof of your plugin’s shortcomings and proof of the bugs which you of course deny and dismiss, is was quite a poor show from “Stiofan” when he tried to deny and cover the fact that the events listed will show one single event for as long as it is set to reccur for before showing the next event. What use is that to a site user?

    Yes, when I got your plugin I didn’t have the skill set and your plugin misleads customers by giving them the impression that once purchased everything will be great and you just proved that yourself by saying you need a developer.

    Keep your nonsense replies coming it’s a great display of your unprofessional attitude towards your customers.

    Plugin Author Paolo


    We treat all of our customer with a lot of respect, as long as they show to be respectful and reasonable too.

    That wasn’t the case with you and you are just being treated as you deserve to be treated!

    Now given that you know it all, please explain this:

    If the plugin is so buggy as you say, how come there are +10k websites using it and we have 169 x 5 stars reviews and 13 x 1 star reviews?

    Let me guess, you and the other 12 guys are right and all the other must be stupid and wrong… correct? 🙂

    Again, bye bye!

    Thread Starter robh89


    If there are 10K + website using it and you only have 169 5 star reviews that’s less than 2% of your site users who give it that rating.. good job mate.

    Plugin Author Stiofan


    As you know we do not do custom work, even when we did help you with very small snippets (which were many) and instruction on how to add them, you still could not understand how to do it. This is why we suggested you hire a developer…

    You don’t understand the WP ecosystem, i know how to code and i still use many plugins, people don’t just user WP because they don’t know how to code.

    Expecting “the same service” from a directory plugin that you would get from wix website builder because you “pay a similar price” is delusional, we don’t do customization for you, you know this but demand that we do it for you.

    This lead you you becoming very frustrated and rude to us because we would not do your customization for you, there is one post you would have got banned for if you had not edited it very quickly, and you apologized for your behavior several times and even admitted to being a d**k on the forum (your words)

    As for your claim of bugs with search, there are no open bugs with search, most bugs reported are fixed that same day and others within 72 hours.

    If you have any proof of something not working or a bug in GD that we have not fixed then i’d love to see it so i can disprove you, please please please list them here i literally beg you.

    As for you latest misunderstanding of the WP ecosystem..

    If there are 10K + website using it and you only have 169 5 star reviews that’s less than 2% of your site users who give it that rating.. good job mate.

    This whole incident stated with you asking why people would use our new plugin UsersWP rather than BuddyPress, which has 200,000+ active installs and only 357 reviews (at this time)… good job mate

    You have been rude to our team in several occasions, you do not respect our sites terms and conditions and you can’t grasp basics like that our yelp clone theme only lets you have the logo on the left (like yelp), and expect to move any object about at will “like wix”… This is why you were refunded and are no longer a customer of ours.

    Thread Starter robh89


    Deary me, I think both of you need to deflate your egos and stop being so unprofessional. You’ve resorted to publicly displaying private messages between your clients and yourself (possible breach of privacy law). What firm in this world would do that to their clients? Totally unprofessional. Just because it’s a WordPress plugin doesn’t mean that your customers don’t have the right to voice their complaints and if you don’t like their opinion or the way it’s written then that’s tough shit mate. Welcome to the world of capitalism and customer service. I can see why you might have banned me as it allows you to hide all the dialogue between us which I can no longer access. I never actually insulted any of you that’s the thing. Even if someone does say something to you that you don’t like, who cares? I think you need to develop a tougher outer shell and learn to roll with it. Being sensitive and crying when somebody “insults” you won’t help at all.

    There were several occassions where the plugin stopped working and someone said it was permalinks but that only temporarily fixed the problem. You’re not gonna like this but I don’t care because people deserve to know the truth so that there time and money is not wastedL I’m just gonna put this here to show all the bugs that come e.g. epic 404 error going all the way back until 2014 and continuing up until the present:

    52 results – under epic 404 error search

    587 results under “search not working”

    and this is merely a snap shot of all the other bugs that come up. It’s quite evident the same bugs come up time and time again and yet you have done nothing to solve them from happening again , despite having 3 years to do it. You’re selling a half complete plugin and it’s disgusting that you take people’s money, waste their time and act like some sort of dictator on your own fourms about what is allowed to be said and not said when it comes to voicing complaints. You can’t tell your customers they’re not allowed to get angry when the plugin doesn’t work and they’ve paid money for it.

    Plugin Author Stiofan


    You were treated very professionally until you started being rude to our team (by your own admission), then you were told you will be treated as you treat us…

    You understanding of 404’s and permalinks again is due to your lack of knowledge of WP and coding, many plugins make changes to the permalinks, some do it the wrong way or on the wrong hooks, this is 99% the cause of the problems, conflicts or poor coding, not bugs in our code, i’m happy any developer reading this will understand that.

    As for you finding topics with those words, not the exact phrase, well done, you found topics on a SUPPORT FORUM with the words “not working” of which none are unresolved…

    You have failed to list any unresolved bugs or anything not working in GD, and you show your lack of knowledge in regards to bugs in programs, we actively respond and fix bugs as reported, as do any good company, go look at the bug list with in WordPress itself if you doubt it.

    Again we don’t object to any constructive criticism, you were banned and refunded for your rudeness to our team.

    You seem to imagine you are right about all these bugs (having no coding knowledge) but everyone else who uses GD is wrong??

    Thread Starter robh89


    The way you exude your pereceived superiority is unprofessional and your narcistic belief that if somebody has less coding or WP knowledge than yourself then their opinion doesn’t count which is nonnsense and dictoral,you treat every ounce of critic in the same way in an attempt to hide the truth and you can see this by your response to other lower ratings given by ex customers. You can’t claim that a bug is resolved when it keeps reocurring and it’s exactly the reason I decided to drop you along with a contemptuous attitude towards finding a long term solution to this and other issues. Several months ago you actually said to me you were doing a “search overhaul in a few weeks” when I told you that the way events are displayed is stupid and totaty user unfriendly, I’m guessing that was a ploy to keep me quiet and you disregarded it.

    Plugin Author Paolo


    Lack of experience with a technology, leads to 2 possible behaviors when facing problems:

    Blame yourself or blame the technology.

    You mentioned the 404 error on search. If it was a bug, it would be the case in our demos and in all websites of the showcase section. A bug breaks all websites using that technology, not just 1.

    After ascertaining that it works everywhere else, any reasonable person would erase the bug hypothesis and find what else could be wrong.

    Instead, you keep blaming the technology!

    About feedback, when it comes from a group of people it is an opportunity to improve, when it comes from one person, most of the time, it’s just an opinion.

    The problem is that you think that your opinions count more than the opinions of everybody else.

    That’s why you changed subject when I asked:

    If the plugin is so buggy as you say, how come there are +10k websites using it and we have 169 x 5 stars reviews and 13 x 1 star reviews?

    Because you really think that you and other 12 guys are smart and right and all the other must be stupid and wrong.

    Isn’t that right?

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