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  • Hi!
    I’m new to WordPress but I fully understand its power and beauty!
    I had problems installing the stable version on my Windows 2003 server so I used a nightly build (10th may 04) – everything appears fine!
    I just wanted to know if the nightly builds are identical to the 1.2 Delta build (?)
    Thanks, Gnam 😉

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  • No, not quite. The nightlies generaly include any development that happened during the day. The betas/deltas are the most recent (generaly) stable releases that the developers see fit to unleash onto us. Often the nightlies are more buggy than the official releases, but that’s because they have partialy done code.

    But there are no beta/delta releases other than in the nightlies, correct? So they are the same, each nightly is just a different “build” of the beta (now the delta).

    TechGnome’s post seemed to clear things up but now Beel has confused me again 😀

    If you download tonight’s nightly, it will be a new build of 1.2delta. There is no “official” delta release of which I am aware. One day Matt changed $wp_version = ‘1.2-beta’; to $wp_version = ‘1.2-delta’; in the file version.php and anyone who downloaded that particular nightly and any thereafter downloaded the delta version. And while “delta” infers more stability (and thus closer to an official release) than “beta”, there is no inherent stability in either, both are in development and bugs are being worked out. is where the nightlies are. Nightlies are a snapshot of the CVS used by the developers, produced (almost) every night. is where the beta and now the delta is at. Betas and delta are released so that users can take them for a ride and find, report and possibly fix some bugs.
    So I would expect that a little more attention and care goes into building a beta/delta than a nightly, and so they should be a wee bit more usable/stable.
    When sufficient nights have passes, and most of the problems with the previous beta have been addressed, a new one comes out, like the delta did a few nights ago.
    Hope that answers the question, gnam.

    Thanks for the lesson, 2fargon.

    OK, so where does the CVS’s figure into the picture? Are the CVS identical tot he nightly?

    As I understand it, the nightlies are built off the CVS. However, there are 2 CVSes…one for developers, and one for anonymous users (i.e. me and you). The anonymous CVS isn’t as up to date as the dev CVS, and the nightlies are built off of the dev CVS.
    However, depending on when you update your CVS copy (using anonymous CVS, remember), it could be more up to date than the last nightly build.
    Confused? 🙂
    Side note: I haven’t been able to access the CVS since Monday. Anybody know why?

    I think the anonymous CVS lags the dev cvs by about 6-24 hours. Correct me if am wrong.
    The CVS seems to work fine…

    what happened to 1.2 gamma?

    Fargon..I’m talking about attempting to download the CVS. I get a popup wanting a password…

    Cena, I don’t use Tortoise, instead I use ssh/command line to update the CVS, and I tried it out now, and it works fine.
    Beel, .. should be the answer you are looking for 🙂

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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