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  • Help with Beta please?

    In Manage > Posts, where are the Category ID numbers? ie, 1, 2, 3, etc?


    If I need to mod the code for:

    showposts=1&cat=ID Number

    Then I need to know WHICH category is WHAT ID number. 🙁

    In 2.3, under Manage > Posts, the info was:

    ID / When / Title / Categories (etc)

    But, in 2.5, under Manage > Posts, the info is:

    Date / Title / Author / etc (no ID number)

    The ID Number is also not listed in Manage > Categories.

    Am I totally missing something?


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  • Jeremy Clark



    This is in discussion right now on the wp-testers list. I think the developers are still on the fence.

    A workaround right now is that if you using firefox and you hover over the post you want to know the id for you can see the url in the bottom of the screen and it will have the id the same goes for categories. In IE if you right click and do the properties it should show the same thing.

    Thanks Jeremy, very helpful.


    This isn’t helpful; it’s a hack. Does anyone know if this is going to be fixed (i.e. add in the ID column in Manage > Categories)? Or if there is an explanation anywhere for the reasoning behind it?


    Go here to get on the Beta mailing list (if you’re not already on it)

    FYI … you may want to opt for DAILY updates, b/c ppl are posting to it like crazy.

    Anyway, the ID numbers are a major complaint on the List and although there’s no talk about “fixing” it per se, they seem to be hinting that the RC2 might have another interface that puts it back on the Admin block. But there’s no definitive word… just speculation.

    The good thing about the List is, the more ppl who bring up the ID issue, the better… gets more attention.

    I am using this plugin and it works great for me:

    Pity that you have to use a plugin for something that was standard. Hey, if one of you guys could vote 5 stars for me than I’d appreciate it. Apparently it gives me an error when I try to vote 🙁

    Jud, I get errors when I try to vote too… including a vote for you. I get the green screen bb error :/ I think something’s just messed up right now. See if you can vote for me?

    I couldn’t even vote 5 stars for this plugin (which is awesome btw!).

    great plugin – thanks 🙂 🙂
    was quite caught out by the missing IDs as I use them for more specific setups – using WP as CMS rather than blog – so I was lost without them….

    downloaded and installed successfully 🙂 great to have the IDs back 🙂
    – I voted 5 stars successfully 🙂

    Thank you guys for the votes. 🙂

    as a totalnewbiewpstarter today ive been scratchin my head about it too. Now i now, it needs a plugin – lol

    The only 2 plugins (I know of) that restore the ID columns are here:

    and (as posted above by Jud)

    Jud, are you the author of that plugin? ^^

    Oh man I’ve been looking for something like for so long. Thanks so much.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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