• We work now with MLP 3 (paid version) for 1,5 year and this is our experience.

    The plugin does exactly what it should do. It works with WP Multisite and makes sure it does not mess around with WP itself. Every page, post, product has it’s copy in the other site that represents the other language.

    – their support is terrifying slow, every reply starts at the root a great bureaucratic process. They don’t even look into it before you switch off all other things, create test environments, give access to your site.
    – it’s never their fault, sometimes after 11 messages and sending triple proof they will accept their fault and then…. you have to wait for months before the fix will be implemented
    – they do give you a quick fix but every time you update that fix will be gone until they implement it in the core
    – woocommerce brands for example is not working out of the box, you need a fix file
    – searching products was only available on title… not very need with 10k products, so we suggested to also search for SKU… this took almost a year to process
    – when you ask to be kept updated they do promise but they always forget
    – second line support can take up to two weeks
    – it still is the only good working multilingual plugin that does not mess around with your load
    – copying a new site when you have more than 1k products never worked for us, you have to manually copy the uploads folder, this took 7 weeks before they admited it and we lost a customer over it

    Advice: be honost in your customer care and don’t play around. We know how hard it is to deliver, we are in the same business but just don’t promise things you can’t deliver or keep people just waiting. No is also an answer 😉

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