• I will try to tell you in a few lines why I recommend this particular plugin so highly.

    Background: I was commencing a project that required the creation of several application program interfaces to allow secure payment transactions between a wordpress woocommerce storefront and multiple customized payment service providers. I was a total Newby to WordPress and to webdevelopment on a whole; but I did have some programming experience and engineering knowledge. So I was looking for a tool that would allow me to design my solution without having to “learn” the details of programming within the WordPress enviroment.

    The WPHooks Plugin: After getting my WordPress installation up an running, I began looking for a plugin to create my required automation and I found a very limited list of plugins for this purpose. I ended trying them ALL out and very quickly it became obvious that the WPHooks Plugin would become the tool of choice.

    Why WPHooks is the BEST option: Compared to the other plugins, WPHooks contains a large suite of functions that can be configured to achieve almost any desireable automation task. AND for me, the most important aspect that placed WPHooks FAR above all others is the excellent technical support provided along with this plugin.

    The technical support: My project was quite unique and it took me about 4 months to complete. There were numerous technical hurdles during this entire period and I can tell you that the WPHooks developer himself was always very attentive to my technical challenges. Without this level of techincal support and the excellent quality of the WPHooks plugin itself, I would NEVER have been able to complete this project.

    In summary, you will be hardpressed to come across any other WordPress plugin that can deliver the professional quality that this plugin offers along with the excellent technical support. You will see what I am talking about !

    To Jannis and his team, ALL the best to you guys and keep up the excellent work because you definately have the winning formula.



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