• Matthew Jason Klodt


    As a website designer and SEO expert who has worked almost exclusively with WordPress-based websites for the past 10+ years, I’ve used a LOT of different WordPress website migration tools, import/export tools… in fact, I’ve worked with a crap-load of plugins all-together and can count the number of plugins I’ve paid for on 1-hand. This always becomes troublesome when migrating websites as the “free” migration tools out there never work for large websites with lots of photos or eCommerce websites with lots of products and pages.

    I just tried this plugin for the first time on a client’s website that currently has MORE than 1,550 products and not only did it work flawlessly without any errors or warnings, but it completed the migration in UNDER 5 minutes!! I’m still in awe especially considering the setup time also took less than 5 minutes. Actually, if I needed to use it again, I could probably do it in under 1 minute, but the directions are a little hard to understand. One set of instructions says you only need to install the plugin on the site you’re migrating from, while another says you need to install the plugin on both sites… then the whole secret key is a bit confusing as it’s not even mentioned in most directions I found. So allow me to make it a little easier.

    What I found was the fastest way to migrate sites with this tool, was to:

    1. Install & Activate the Migrate Guru plugin on BOTH WEBSITES.
    2. Log into the WordPress admin of the target website.
    3. Click the ‘Migrate Guru’ link (bottom left-nav) and COPY the ‘Migration Key’
    4. Switch over to the WordPress Admin of the original site (the site you want to migrate FROM), and navigate to ‘Migrate Guru’.
    5. Enter any working email address in the ‘Email Address’ field.
    6. Then, check the box and click ‘Migrate’.
    7. Select the host of the target website, or if your host is not listed (like my case) select ‘Other Hosts’.
      NOTE: The next page will look the same for everyone regardless of which host you clicked on.
    8. PASTE your migration key from STEP 3 into the ‘MigrateGuru Migration Key’ field.
    9. Fill out the necessary fields based on the setup of your target website and click ‘Migrate‘.
      NOTE: In my case, I only filled out the ‘Migration Key’ and the ‘Server IP’ fields (under ‘Advanced Options‘) where I pasted the IP address of my target website’s server that I copied from the target site’s hosting account.
    10. De-select any server directories and/or database tables that you don’t want to migrate from the ‘Add Folders’ and ‘Add Tables’ sections.
    11. Click ‘Migrate‘.

    In a few minutes your site should be finished migrating. You’ll receive an email to let you know that it’s finished.

    Hope that helps some of you!

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