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  • All good WordPress designs are either Kubrick or based on Kubrick. Discuss.
    I actually feel that your text is a little small and your sidebar is a little wide, but aside from that it’s pretty classy.

    *takes the bait anyways and runs with it*
    Anon – I don’t necessarily agree with that assesment. I’ve seen some realy good ones that weren’t Kubrick derivatives, and I’ve seen some bad uses of the Kubrick.
    It goes both ways.

    Kubrick withouth changing anything its not cool, its too white, and the typography its not good. The best of kubrick its the structure and the way it separate header, footer, image folders, index, archives, and search: that is the grat work of binary bonsai‘s author.
    I have changed colors, header, background, and side bars a lot. I have added a new drop down menu and the way to show the end of posts [ gray and green bar ].
    I think its a great template to start, all times its difficult to write thi first code in css or stars to change index.php of default wordpress template, kubrick is agood beggining, but its good if yoy use it to change all you can, would be terrible if all blogs look the same.

    I’ve got to say that the dots template and also the redblackandgrey is also excellent.

    Well, I like your site design ^^.

    Thanks Estara ^______^ .

    It’s okay… I would have complimented you, except you came off more than egotistical. In fact, even pompus. I don’t like that in designers that aren’t the best in the industry (I know a few that are – and I have no problem with them saying it).
    Your site builds off a myriad of design cliche’s and presents almost no real creativity. Neither the structure of the site, nor the look is original. The code has got some nasty stuff in there, style attributes and all.
    You’ve got the diagonal lines, the use of itsy-bitsy text, the cliche’d blue, the pixel-fonts, and to top it off the blued out subway scene in the header =/
    Honestly, I think the best part of your site is the screenshots of others sites you have.
    I am overly critical of people that think they are the best designer ever, so that is why this review is so harsh. Maybe next time you should try being humble.

    I don’t know why, but I am inclined to agree with Brak – not as much about the technical details, which I don’t care about, but regarding the attitude 🙂

    Brak I think Benkos didn’t mean to come off the way he has. It’s lost in translation. It’s apparent that english isn’t his first language but I see your point. Creativity people we need more creativity:)

    Have fun guys 🙂

    I don’t think I’m the best designer, I’m not even a designer I’m 16 and “design” its only a 2 hours a day hobby.
    I agree with Brak the worst part was the attitude, but think about this:
    If the title had not been so pedantic had not obtained the critics nor the commentaries.
    I’m not a pro designer and I won’t create a new design tendency, even popular, I like cliches like pixel fonts, gray text and tatoo style, about the top image, are pictures that I like and I change monthly. But you can’t say that is copy because I did everything and I did not plagiarize the work of anybody, it is my creativity but “inspired” with all the cliches I like.
    PD: Sorry about my english and Altavista‘s.

    And Its true: we need more crativity, new styles…

    ¿No more answers? Don’t let this discussion like that ¿am I right? ¿what should I change?

    Brak’s 2nd language is english too, don’t forget! so that might be why he read your first post as so offensive.
    I think you should maybe have rounded corners, more like the original Kubrick look. It is more pleasing to the eye than all those hard edges which lets face it you could get just by using tables.

    Rounded corners are difficult man, I’ver read ALA articles and nothing, I like a lot Hilhorst designs [ ] and stopdesign because of that he manages rounded corners very well.

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