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  • First of all: I can highly recommend this plugin. I compared several plugins and their pricing and I think WP Time Capsule is the best of all.

    What I needed:
    As I am building a site with several ten thousands of posts with many images – it will eventually need a lot of disk space.
    So two things are important, both are given with wptc:
    1. incremental backup
    I tried other plugins that don’t do incremental backups, for example boldgrid total upkeep. No incremental backup means: Each time a new backup is being created, let’s say each day, a backup of the whole site is being made!
    For a website that uses just some gigabytes of disk space this is simply bad… very bad: It takes very long to make these backups and uses server memory, slowing down the site while making the backup and uses a lot of disk space.
    Incremental backups only save the changes !!
    So let’s say per day I publish 10 new posts: the backup notices the change and adds the posts and the new images and stuff to the backup.
    The old backups are still there and contain the information, which posts, settings and stuff were already there when this old backup was being created. So any time you can jump back to an old backup without it wasting space !
    This is crucial.

    When I realized that, I started comparing 6 different backup plugins that use incremental backups. All of them were more expensive, especially when using several websites. WPTC has a good pricing model: you can chose between a yearly fee (at the moment 50 bucks for 2 websites) or 150 bucks for a lifetime licence !
    In the long run this is going to be worth it. I am going to buy this licence.
    I asked the wptc support if I could later upgrade to a 10 domain licence (costs 300$ for a lifetime licence) paying just the price difference and the told me this is possibly.

    Btw: the support is great!
    I had some initial trouble with my first backup. I sent them an email and the helped me very fast and they fixed the problem.
    I think it is very important to know that you get help, when something isn’t working.

    2. low price
    As already mentioned, the price is great. Especially when using the lifetime licence, there will only remain the cost of the disk space that is being used by the service you chose. I am using Amazon S3 and the disk space per GB is 0,0125 $ per GB. So if you have a website with 10 GB of Disk space you will pay 0,125$ per Month, That’s nothing.

    3. Reliability
    I am just starting to use the service so I have no long term experience yet, but I will update or delete my post if something isn’t working as expected in the long run. I tested the initial backup, staging and restoring a backup and it worked very well. And as already mentioned: the support is great so if something wouldnĂ„t work I am sure I would get help.

    I would recommend you to try it, especially if you plan on building several websites this plugin will be the cheapest by far !

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