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  • jugularbean


    Hi, I’m using WordPress to develop a site for our organization. We’re primarily a research organization. the site would contain the following sections

    Publications -> Papers
    -> Reports
    -> Articles
    -> Presentations
    -> Books
    Research Areas -> Research area A
    -> Research area B (and so on)
    People -> Person A
    -> Person B (and suchlike pages for each of our members)
    About Us

    What would be the best way to break these up?
    Should each section be a page, with sub pages? Should they be categories? Or a mix of both?

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  • moshu


    For me, usually, a combination (mix) of both works the best. However, based just on the information you provided it would be difficult to say. When I face a similar task I ask the client a zillion questions to figure out what they have in their head… (most of cases something that’s almost impossible to do, but you can always educate them toward better solutions 🙂

    Where ongoing update(=adding new material) is expected – go with posts in categories.
    Sometimes I even use a Page as an “opening” for a category and from there you can access the cat archives and so on.

    If you are familiar with the WP features and you know exactly (like in: written/drawn on a piece of paper) the structure of the content and its development in the future – you can find the optimal solution.

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