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  • Can you explain a little further? I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “auto scroll.”

    If you shrink the browser and click around the pages and use Firebug, the whole site flys off to the left and sticks there. This is the second time I did this when widening the a child of the twentyten theme. What general rule of thumb am I missing here? If you make the browser really skinny there’s no horizontal scroll like there’s supposed to be.

    The issues are in the CSS in #container and #content. Right now #container is positioned to where it is way over the right edge of #main.

    In the HTML side on Firebug, run your mouse over #container and #content. You need to rework and reposition those so that they aren’t hanging outside of #main.

    Okay, I’ll try that. Also, if I want to make a template for the home page do you know what file I use?

    You are talking about a non-post style (static) page? If you aren’t talking about major changes over what you have now, you can specifically target CSS changes by using one of the main classes (such as “home”) for the page you create to be used as the home page. The CSS selectors would be prefaced by .home such as this generic example.

    .home #header {

    You might also want to look at page templates and see if that would work for you.

    That’s how I did this home page, using the page id, but I want to remove the classes that are under the slide show. I feel like it was bad practice how I absolute positioned the slide show on top of the main container. Do I start with page.php or loop-page.php to make a Home template? Thanks for all your help.

    If you are just doing static content (no posts) then page.php I would think. I haven’t looked at all the files and such in 2010 lately, but that would be where I would start.

    So do you build child themes? if you do are you saying you use TwentyEleven?

    I virtually never modify any original theme since if I do and there is and an automatic update is done, all the changes are going to be lost.

    Yeah same here, but I just started building child themes and they stayed perfect on that last update. Almost all my sites are custom child of twentyten themes. I was just curious because I was thinking about creating a child of twentyeleven for my next project.

    Absolutely most definitely create a child with twenty eleven so that you leave the default theme untouched in case you need to switch back to it for any sort of troubleshooting.

    Right I’m not talking about editing the core files vs creating a child theme, different topic. My question is, have you created a child theme of twentyeleven? Because I have been creating child of twentyten themes and I’m curious how twentyeleven has worked for you. Because you said it’s been a while since you used twentyten files.

    Yes I have, but they have been fairly minor with just a few additions/changes here and there. Nothing radical.

    [Edit: you have to be careful with 2011 in order to keep the responsive design.] Hi again.I don’t know what the problem here is. Maybe it has to do with something positioned absolutely? When a page has a lot of content it get’s a weird position in the browser.

    I’m not seeing a weird position when viewing it in Safari or Firefox – or I’m missing the weird. Can you explain further or provide a screenshot?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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