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    I just installed WordPress, and am excited to delve into this new world.

    Question about images. I have a lot of images to upload. I know that i can do it 2 different ways; browser or ftp.

    The browser is slower, however, once i see the images in my DB via ftp, it shows different sizes of the images, which is good, and I like.

    Ftp is faster, but doesn’t give me the variety of sizes.

    Which one is the better method for uploading images?

    Hopefully this all makes sense, and I didn’t ramble too much.


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  • if you have photo shop – i would recommend that you optimized and re-size your images before you upload them to wordpress…
    here is a link to a decent and short tutorial. LINK they say that images should be kept below 150k — i don’t think that really gets to your specific question – but just throwing that out there as i passed by.

    Thank you sheriffderek. I will try to get my hands on a copy of photoshop.

    Anyone else have an answer for my question?

    There are many cheaper and easier programs that will resize images — PS is expensive and has a pretty steep learning curve. Photoshop elements or iPhoto are two much cheaper options, but you can also look around the web for other options.

    Neither method is “better” — as you have said, they do different things. If you resize photos yourself, then FTP is faster for lots of images. But then you only have the one size. It really depends on how you intend to use the images.

    Ok, thank you WPyogi. I will look into those other options.

    Most of the images I just want in a gallery. I’m trying to create a site with mainly images from the week that my friend got married at a resort. We stayed there for a week, so there are a LOT of images. They don’t all have to be huge, so i will re-size them before I upload.

    Depending on the software, there are ways to resize BATCHES of photos — which would be ideal for you — otherwise it is fairly tedious and time consuming to resize them individually. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you more specifics but it’s worth looking at that as well.

    But you might also want to look at gallery plug-ins — as they are set up to do the kind of thing you want… NextGen is very widely used so presumably a good option.

    i was checking into open source image applications. i just downloaded GIMP to check it out. seems very close to PS. exprt in stead of save etc… small differences… but it resized my images like a charm.

    Great! Good luck with the site.

    Gimp … that rings a bell. I will look into that one. Also going to try NextGen. You guys have been super helpful. Thank you

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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