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  • Hello,

    i am a professional webdeveloper, with 6+ years on developing (mainly with Drupal) doing my first steps at WordPress development.

    I am considering using WP for some projects, but first i do have few questions and concerns about the first steps:

    1. If I need to convert a custom PSD design to a real WordPress design – what are the default steps for that? Googling shows that the following is possible:
    1.1 Create a custom theme
    Yet the whole process seems very low-level; as everything, even the file structures, and posts display needs to be done manually.
    If the same had to be done with Drupal, then i would simply extend the existing bootstrap theme and add the custom styles.

    1.2 Using a website builder like Elementor or Oxygen
    My concern here is the website performance, as well as the builder limitations.
    Do these tools support custom coding (php or css) in order to create literally ANY webdesign?

    Any help is appreciated,
    Thanks in advance

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  • Hi!

    Well, I’ll just give you a really short answer, because a bit of Googling is enough.

    Theming in WP is really, really simple. get the PSD, create HTML/CSS and replace parts of the content with WP elements.

    The bare minimum in a theme is a style.css with the correct documentation, index.php, header.php, and footer.php. That’s it.

    You could also extend an existing theme (we call that a child-theme) and alter some pages for your liking.

    About pagebuilders, they could be useful but in my experience, they are pretty heavy.

    Welcome aboard.
    Building a custom theme is by nature (and your choice) very low level, you are responsible for everything, consequently I have never done it.
    Rather the WordPress way is to choose a theme well matched to your needs, then create your theme as a child theme of it. You can change a template by taking a copy from the parent and rework it without limit, such as change the nesting of blocks. Use the customizer to tune the css and move it to the child theme when it settles if you want.

    1.2 Never had any need for these.

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    To understand how a theme works, work your way through and see if you can build your theme using it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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