Best way to speed up loading of Amazon items on WordPress blog? (2 posts)

  1. addcoach
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I've got 10 Amazon items (Adult ADHD related gadgets & books) on my left hand side bar of my WordPress blog

    and I'm finding that they're loading very slowly, slowing my whole blog down and possibly even reducing my traffic, or even affecting how long they stay on my site, since once you're on the site it's still very slowing going from page to page.

    I've reduced the size of the images to small, and have 2 or 3 lines of text and the image. I'm using the Amazon Showcase plugin

    I know adding any images will slow things down but I'd like to slow it down the least amount possible, right now it's painfully slow.

    Any ideas on how to speed up the loading time of the Amazon items?

    Would it load faster if I hand coded amazon products links with image and text from the Amazon Associates page? (I tried it but it didn't work in WordPress)

    Would it load faster if I hand coded amazon products links with image and text AND had the images stored on my server?

    Is there another faster loading Amazon WordPress widget out there?

    Would adding a WordPress cache plugin help and if so which one would you recommend?



  2. mozillaman
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Since Amazon widgets are hosted by Amazon and not you, there isn't much you can do to speed them up. The best solution is to just use whatever images and then manually link to your affiliate link. Obviously this would mean you can't have the fancy flash/js widgets, but you could use any image you want.

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