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  • I’m trying to implement this YouTube Importer I’m building and I see there are things like “is_configured” and “is_connected” as well as the entire “Greet” process which in my case I think should be bypassed and just show the setup form since all I needed was the “api_key” from the credentials();

    I’d love to not override too much of the base class so I’m thinking if I just override “is_connected()” and test if “is_configured()” is true and override is_configured to test for “api_key” having a value then that should get me past the greet?

    I probably did a terrible job of explaining this but maybe not… if you have time or can offer any quick tips please do…

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  • I think I’m going to need to just use the full_custom_greet to pull this off since it’s just moving on to the token_select step and since

    I don’t have a token I should probably just bypass the greet all together…?

    I know this seems like overkill to do a plugin to import stuff but I love the structure of keyring social importer and don’t want to build an individual plugin to do this.

    I think it’s nice to structure it this way and helps keep things clean and up to date.

    Actually, now that I look at it more I can skip the greet all together by overriding the “verified_connection” and instead of redirecting to the “greet” action I can redirect to the “options” action…?

    Sorry, think I shouldn’t be thinking aloud and just do this lol..

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    If you’re able to get something working without requiring authentication, then you’d definitely want to skip the whole first part of the import process (‘greet’, which all revolves around selecting/creating a token).

    Because of how the default ->options() works (assumes there’s a token), you might indeed need to make a ->full_custom_options() implementation to override it.

    Another (kinda kludgy) approach might be to override $this->service->get_token()->get_display() so that it will output something like “Public Connection”, since that’s what ->options() calls. I’m not sure how easy that’d be though, or the ramifications of that further down the import process 🙂

    Well, I did it…
    Not sure how pretty it is though…

    Here are the two repos:

    Btw, I seriously think you should consider breaking everything out into it’s own repos to make community support stronger and more modular.

    Also, I’m very familiar with Git/GitHub and could help get your SVN repos ported over to GitHub.

    It would be great to have each “service” of keyring and each “importer” of social importer to be broken into it’s own repository for maintenance.

    You could have a “keyring” organization on GitHub and have all of the repos for each module under that org.

    It would draw a lot more attention to your wordpress plugins in the wordpress directory as well because they would be named differently so you wouldn’t just have one plugin called social importer.

    Someone searching for “import facebook” would be more likely to find a plugin called “keyring-facebook-importer” and after installing that, they would obviously be told to install the keyring-social-importer plugin obviously.

    I had a hard time finding Keyring and/or Keyring Social Importer. It took a lot of digging to find a good importer and yours is by far the most stable and robust.

    Just my two cents!

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