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    I’m assisting my wife in her blog development and of course she wants to do something I’ve never done in WordPress before! If anyone can point me in the right direction I’d be very grateful.

    She would like to run a writing club which she moderates. Every two weeks she’ll post up a new theme and only subscribed members are able to submit their work. Each member is then able to critique the other person’s work. They cannot create new themes themselves, though this may be a requirement in the future.

    What is the best way to manage this? Should I be looking at a forum plugin or can I just do this within WordPress itself? Presumably she would need the ability to only allow write-access to a specific category… or something.

    Any pointers gratefully received.

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  • Thanks, Samuel. That looks extremely comprehensive. I think I may use this on my own blog but after careful consideration of my wife’s limited knowledge/time, I think we may opt for a forum plugin. I’ve been looking at Mingle and played around with it. It seems far less fussy than bbPress so in this instance it may be the solution we’re looking for.

    Thanks for the heads up though, it’s amazing how many excellent plugins there are out there that I am totally unaware of!

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    I use Mingle and Simple Press on sites – both easy forums

    Interesting. I came across simple-press but didn’t try it as I couldn’t find it in the WordPress repositories, which I thought odd. However the fact they have a version for WP3.3 means it is actively developed. Will compare and contrast with Mingle.

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