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  • Hello!

    We are working on a website with multiple custom menus which are displayed on a per-page basis (each menu relates to the content/information of each page).

    In about a year or two, we will have built up about 5,000 or more custom menus. So it’s important for me right now to ensure we are capable of scaling… and the problem I am running into right now is that it takes way too long to create a new menu, or find existing menus – because there is no way to quickly find an already-existing menu using searches or filters, and I have to scroll the tabs one by one to the right until I find the “+” tab to create a new menu.

    What I need is a better custom menu manager or even just a simple button to create a new menu without having to scroll – and I need a search / filter feature to help me find custom menus more quickly.

    So far I can’t seem to find any plugins or modifications to create these features. Anyone know of anything? Or a better way to manage thousands of custom menus…?

    Thanks in advance!

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