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    I’m converting an existing html-based site to WP, using WP as a CMS. I’m now at the point where I need to show the user a list of downloadable files. I thought the approach would be to place this list on a Page. I will have several Pages, each with a different list of files. The user will click the desired filename in the list and the file will open in a new window. The user will not be allowed to comment on the file.

    1. Is this the acceptable/standard method?

    2. My files are in pdf and html format. For site statistics purposes, is one format preferred over the other? (Some statistics tracking programs do not tally anything except html pages.)

    I’d like to keep each group of files in their own folders but I don’t know how best to structure the folder tree. I was thinking:


    Is this good practice?

    3. To get the files to the site, could I simply ftp them, or do I need to do it within WP Admin file-at-a-time?

    I read the codex for uploading files but it is a bit confusing for me. If I knew the answers to the above questions it would probably make the codex entry more understandable.

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  • I’d consider using FTP to upload the files into whatever directory structure you desire (of course that structure would need to be relative to your web-root folder).

    Then create a Page for each group of files and then in the page content, just provide a link to each file.

    Any advantages of pdf over html? It’s about a 50-50 mix now so I’ll be doing some conversion anyway.

    PDF (see the name: portable document format) looks the same regardless of machine, OS, browser.
    HTML – is never the same…

    As far as PDF vs HTML is concerned, I think it depends on the content of the file. If the content is laid out in a complicated fashion, or there’s a great deal of text, then PDF makes the most sense. I personally prefer something that I can download and print out, as opposed to having to read lots of information on screen.

    For you purposes it may also be quicker to post a series of files in a PDF format, rather than creating each in HTML.


    Yes, pdfs rule. I guess the real question is, are there site statistic applications that will talley pdf downloads as well as html page visits??

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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