• This is effectively a continuation of the official Algolia WordPress plugin that Algolia abandoned in favor of focusing on their main product/services. Thankfully, WebDevStudios stepped up to the plate and released this plugin to keep it alive with their own set of updates & ongoing support.

    I’ve been using this plugin since the very beginning (having used the official plugin from Algolia before that) and it’s been a seamless transition with it being straightforward to use & customize if/when needed in these past years, for example having custom facets/filters being added to the search results page template / allowing linking to a specific set of search filters & queries / etc. which then uses the official Algolia implementation for that aspect of things so it’s well documented (this also then shows a warning in the site admin if/when a customized search template in the theme is then left using an outdated version which might warrant being checked and/or updated as needed [then updating the version stated in that template file to get rid of that notice in that process.])

    Developer support for this plugin has always been receptive & responsive when it comes to both bug fixes as well as potential features to add in a future update.

    I find it difficult to try to find a better value and/or better overall search provider for WordPress than Algolia, and at that point, there doesn’t look to be a better method to integrate it with a site quickly & effectively than what this plugin provides (easy to get up and running while customizable in the ways one would expect if/when needed.)

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