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  • Hello, I am a web designer who is working on new websites for clients who currently have websites live. All of these clients have their own domain names and hosting. I will be building them new websites and offering hosting and purchasing domain names for them when the new websites are complete.

    So I am wondering what is the best way to go about this. I would like to set up a test url for my business with folders or sub directories of each client. For each client I would install word press and work off each of these sub directories. Then when the site is complete I would move that sub directory into their website. Is this possible and is this the best solution?

    I would rather not have to contact each of their current hosting companies and mess with getting all that info etc. I would just rather set it all up under my test site and move it all over when they move their hosting and everything over to me. I am not a programmer though and not sure what changes would all need to be made. Does this make sense or no???? I would love your opinions on this!! thanks!

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  • Some hosting providers provide Temp URLS which is not domain specific. If this doesn’t work for you then create folders off your domain with their sites in it.

    Then if they decide they want the site – all you would need to do is point the domain to that folder as the document root.

    Is that the way you would recommend that would be best? Or would it be best to just develop the site on their sub directory? I want to do it the “right” way. Thanks

    Well, if your hosting provider provides temp urls I would suggest using founds of that. But really you’re doing the same thing – since they’d be in directories. Oh since they will be direcories on your website, you may want to make sure to set up robots.txt files to control how bots crawl your site. You’ll basically want to make sure you exclude those test sites from your indexes.

    Then when I want to go live I just move the whole directory over to the actual website url? Will there be anything in word press back end that will need to be changed?

    The site url and home here’s a link to help you with that:

    thanks so very much!!!

    No worries! I hope it works out well for you!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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