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  • I want to list episodes of a series I am making of instructional videos with content.

    The patent page “series” will list episodes weekly. Ie: episodes 1, 2, etc.

    I’m thinking to setup a template to loop through the series parent page to display the episodes children content in a loop.

    Then on each series page there will be 3 panels. A long one with the video and other episodes thumbnails, one on the left and one on the iught with content.

    Just trying to work out how to display the children > children post content as above.

    Problem 1: displaying related thumbnails to other children?

    Problem 2: displaying the 3 panels. Do I set these up as individual children elements? If so, how can I style each one differently as it loops through?

    Any code examples would be amazing! Unless there’s a plugin for this?


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  • Not sure exactly what you want, but have you thought of making your children pages into posts and displaying them with a recent posts type plugin or code? You could separate them by category and/or tags and filter them that way.

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