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    Struggling a little bit with how to go about getting my wordpress site constructed.

    I’ve had a look at many themes but none seem to do quite what I want. Some have the right layout (ish) but not such nice colours/fonts etc. Others have the opposite. Some are not very near to what I want but say things like highly customisable. Which option should I choose if I know I am going to want to change things …. from a very low knowledge base!

    Is it best to simply upload a theme and then play around with it a bit and see what happens. And if I don’t like it is it easy to just change to another theme – will my content still be essentially unaltered?

    With the Media gallery – can this be organised in categories/albums or do I need to get a plug-in or a widget for this?

    Finally (for the time being!) – I’m using the software for a website rather than a blog and I want some appointed people to be able to access the dashboard and some other appointed people just to be able to make posts. Presumably for the second option they just sign up but I can’t see where that option is on my site (or is that just because I am admin so that option is not available to me?). And for the first option – would that be possible – with them having their own access details rather than using mine?

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  • fonglh


    You can customize the theme’s code. Sometimes it’s just changing a bit of CSS, especially if it’s only things like fonts and colors.

    You can change themes and your content will not be touched.

    I think you may need to find a plugin for categorizing the media gallery. Perhaps someone more familiar with this can help you out.

    You can give those people accounts with the role of ‘author’. They’ll still access the dashboard, but it’ll look different from yours and they can only change things which their role allows them to.

    You can give other people accounts with administrator access. That way no one has to share your account credentials.

    Thank you very much – that was very helpful.

    And my apologies for forgetting to respond to this sooner.

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